Mac Miller Makes It To Uber Facts: His Favorite Thing To Talk About

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Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller has made it in the big time world of Uber Facts, the online community that present "the most unimportant things you never need to know."

So what is it that granted Miller this prestige honor? Well, according to Uber Facts, Miller says that his favorite thing to talk about is the "meaning of life." It's not surprising that Miller likes to discuss the meaning of life because he does like to give his fans some pretty interesting reading material on social media, aside from his whereabouts and happenings.

Miller loves to inspire his fans who are a huge part of the reason he made it as an Indie rapper.

If if you don't think it's a big deal, Miller is sure excited about the opportunity to be a part of the most unimportant facts anyone will ever need.

His deeper exploration of the meaning of life may have come from time spent with producer Rick Rubin.

"He also said that he had recently been "sober for 15 days so I can do transcendental meditation" with music producer Rick Rubin, whose house the rapper's recently been spotted in," according to HotNewHipHop in a 2014 interview.

Miller has been hitting fans with surprises and teasers all over the place which has to have fans hyped on his upcoming album.

There is no tentative release date for the project or any major announcements as of lately however, there is always that chance that Miller can pull a Beyonce and release the album at random.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy his series of random tweets and photos of his "Wednesday night tennis club," according to his Instagram page.

Wednesday Night Tennis Club

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