MoCCA Fest: Day 1

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Yesterday was the opening day of MoCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) Fest in NYC and it was quite a turnout.

There were tons of goodies to be had, from posters to zines, limited edition prints, buttons, and books. Though not nearly as extravagant as New York Comic Con, it is certainly a nerd paradise in its own right.

If only it were a few days longer. Alas, we will have to suffice with a single weekend.

There were several fascinating panels throughout the day, including a discussion about comics as a form of protest and the intersections between comics and queer experience.

Notable speakers included Art Spiegelman, Mike Dawson, Joost Swarte, Howard Cruse, Drew Friedman, Chip Kidd, and Robert Williams, among others.

Weren't able to attend? Don't worry! You still have until 6pm today to explore all the booths and get your comic fill before MoCCA Fest ends.

Today's panels will include a Q&A with Fiona Staples and a discussion with Alison Bechdel and Howard Cruse, alongside others.

If there's absolutely no way you can make it, you can always watch the discussion panels--which have been filmed and will be uploaded shortly--on MoCCA's youtube channel:

To see the full list of the day's programs visit MoCCA's website: