Tiny Trifecta Offers Affordable Art from Contemporary Artists

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For their 4th annual Tiny Trifecta show, The Cotton Candy Machine art boutique/gallery is currently exhibiting work from more than 100 contemporary artists.

The gallery, which is located in Brooklyn, New York, is owned by celebrated pop-surrealist Tara McPherson, who is both a curator and exhibitor for the event. Other notable exhibitors include Mark Ryden, Junko Mizuno, Camilla d'Errico, Shepard Fairey, and Scott C., among others.

Each artist has specially designed 3 modestly sized pieces in anticipation for the show, all of which are priced for under $100. Tiny Trifecta was created in the hopes of making art affordable for the average person.

The show, which opened on Saturday, June 14th, will run until July 6th 2014. For more information and to check out the available artwork, head over to The Cotton Candy Machine's website.