Borbay Ramps Up For His 4th Solo Exhibition - The Futurism

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Borbay is a hard-working contemporary artist out of Manhattan. After a career in finance, he made the decision to pursue something more meaningful in his life.

After having a new addition to his family (a baby girl) in 2013, Borbay is now wrangling more than just art collectors.

Ever the showman, Borbay will be revealing his new crop of work at the Lounge in Manahattan's Chelsea district on March 26th. Borbay states:

Futurism inspired Precisionism, both movements stoked the flames for Charles Demuth to create the spectacular 'I Saw the Figure Five in Gold'. This work inspired Borbay to the point of recreation back in 2003, and set the foundation for this body of work, dubbed, "The Futurism".

With Borbays signature style on display, don't miss a chance to see his latest work and meet the artist in the flesh. The reception is on March 26th from 7-9pm on the 8th floor of 235 West 23rd Street, NY. You can RSVP by email or through the exhibitions website.