Media Says Trump Nazi Support Will Hurt Approval Among Repubs; They're Wrong

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If you watched TV last night -- no matter what channel, even Fox -- there's one thing you would hear: that although there may be some racists in the Republican base, it's only a tiny portion.

And most of the base despises racism.

Sadly, that's not true. And there are plenty of stats to prove it.

Today, The Huffington Post and Yougov released the results of a poll that they conducted. Most of the poll was relatively uninteresting, but hidden among the results were a few significant findings.

One of the poll's questions was this: in your impression, is there a lot of discrimination against white people? It turns out that 68% of Trump supporters think that's true.

Think about that result for a moment... The implications are astounding: 7 out of 10 Trump supporters -- the vast majority of whom are white -- think that they are the victims of the racial climate in the U.S.

This is exactly what the idea of white nationalism is based on -- the idea that whites are being unfairly subjugated, and therefore white people must stand together against everyone else.

But there's more...

In another question, pollsters asked what they think about the political positions of the white nationalists in Charlottesville.

About half (48%) of Trump supporters said that the white nationalists were either "mostly right" or "went too far, but they have a point."

That's right, half of Trump supporters have views that directly align with the white nationalists.

They may not agree with the murder of an anti-racism protestor, but they generally agree with the sentiment that white people are oppressed, and the white nationalists are (at least to some extent) on their side.

Given these numbers, how can anyone think that Trump's approval among his base will hurt him? If anything, Trump's base is even more racist than Trump himself is.

The media only started admitting that Trump was a bigot after they saw overwhelming evidence; at some point, they will have to do the same with respect to his supporters.

Don't be surprised if Trump's approval ratings spike in the next days and weeks.

Update: A new poll is out from CBS, and it looks even worse than we thought: according to the poll, 2/3 of Republicans (not Trump supporters -- REPUBLICANS) think Trump was right about Charlottesville.

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