Actor David Oyelowo Wouldn't Mind Becoming James Bond In The Future

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David Oyelowo has starred in many films before, but he has yet to be a main character in a blockbuster franchise. Well the actor wouldn't mind becoming James Bond in the near future if the opportunity became possible. 

During a Reddit AMA, Oyelowo replied to a fan about him playing James Bond after Daniel Craig throws in the towel. You can read what he had to say posted by the comments written down below. 

"Yes, I would consider it, but that doesn’t mean I would do it. I’m an actor who loves playing lots of different kinds of roles, and sometimes when you play such an iconic role, that can be a more challenging thing to do."

Oyelowo is not the only black actor that has been considered to be James Bond in the future.

A fan favorite casting has been Idris Elba, although nothing official has been revealed yet since Daniel Craig isn't stopping being Bond until after 2019.

Historically, James Bond has only been played by a white European person. The only main outlier was George Lazenby who was a model and from Australia. 

Now society has changed and many people are more acceptive about changes to old school film roles. Aside from a black actor, there has been discussions for turning the James Bond character into a woman. 

Doctor Who received its first ever female main character after so many years so it's a possibility. The changes to the James Bond character will only happen if the producers and fans agree upon it.

For now, the last Daniel Craig James Bond movie is currently scheduled to come out in 2019. It's rumored that Danny Boyle might be interested in directing the new film. 

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