Mohamed Jbali: A Year After '90 Day Fiance', What's He Doing Now?

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Mohamed has Jbali to be one of the most infamous people to star in "90 Day Fiance," all beginning with his disappearance from the show, in the first season that his relationship with Danielle was featured.

The disappearance created quite a bit of drama, with producers wondering why Mohamed took off and whether he would return.

The next time we saw Mohamed, he was trying to make it in Florida, with the help of an entirely different woman, Luisa, whom he also managed to eventually antagonize.

Further drama with Danielle ensued, but it seemed at long last, that he would be granted a divorce.

So what has Mohamed been up to since then? Is he still in Florida? Is he working? Could he wind up being the star of his on spin-off reality show? ELH is about to give you the scoop.

Mohamed Jbali Petition Signed

First of all, since last year, a petition on to deport Mohamed out the country has gained more than 6000 signatures. The petition notes that Mohamed used Danielle to gain citizenship and as such, should be obligated to leave the country.

Now, based on his Twitter feed and the Instagram photos that he does share publicly on his Facebook page, Mohamed is still based in Florida.

So whatever the online chatter may be about having Mohamed leave the country, he's still very much in the US.

Second, for some reason, Mohamed has decided to turn his back on '90 Day Fiance' producers by revealing that several of his scenes, particularly those in which he was granted a divorce from Danielle in court, were actually faked.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Mohamed notes that he had to wear the same clothes that he'd previously worn in court to recreate the effect what had happened.

Danielle Mullins And Mohamed Jbali: Annulment

Third, according to Radar Online, which obtained the annulment papers that Danielle filed, during their relationship, Mohamed created several fake Facebook pages in order to scam women across the country.

Reportedly, Mohamed wanted to scam the women and was taking trips to visit them, a lifestyle that was funded entirely by them.

Now, Mohamed is saying that he no longer wants to remain in the US and may actually leave either for Canada or his home in Tunisia.

Our predictions? We have a feeling that Mohamed would have a hard time giving up on reality TV drama, and is probably looking to go Farrah Abraham and angling for other roles in entertainment industry.

Our bet is that Mohamed is here to stay!

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