David Otunga Wins Custody Over Son Against Jennifer Hudson

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Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson and her partner David Otunga (WWE commentator) had a shaky situation last week. Hudson and Otunga officially broke up and both of them wanted custody over their young son David Jr.

Jennifer Hudson last week filed a restraining order to David Otunga trying to prevent him from seeing both herself and her son.

She wanted sole custody over their son, although Otunga refuted the claims and it seems his law background has paid off.

As reported by TMZ, the pair have reached a temporary custody agreement allowing Mr Otunga to get the majority of the time to take care of David Jr.

Interestingly enough, TMZ also confirms that Hudson voluntarily dropped the restraining order against Mr Otunga. He's allowed to see both her and their son.

The reason Otunga has to take care of their son for most of the time is due to Ms Hudson's travel schedule.

She is currently cast in The Voice UK and has to fly from Los Angeles all the way to London.

The pair had been together for nearly a decade, until earlier this year things got rocky. Otunga claims Hudson was cheating on him so the relationship started to crumble from that point onward.

Otunga has chosen not to come back to live in the family home.

Since both parties have a temporary agreement, it's likely we should see Otunga back on WWE television very soon. WWE chose not to put him on the air until after this issue was resolved.

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