WWE Suspends Cruiserweight Wrestler Rich Swann For Domestic Violence

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has suspended cruiserweight star Rich Swann for a domestic violence incident. He has been suspended indefinitely so there is no time frame when or if he'll ever come back to wrestle for the company.

WWE issued a statement on the matter on its official website earlier today. The company's statement can be read down below.

BREAKING NEWS: WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Rich Swann has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.

Although WWE did not release a statement on what exactly happened, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported on more details on what happened. The charges being filed against Rich Swann are "battery and kidnap/false imprisonment of an adult."

An incident occurred between Swann and his wife Su Yung (who is also a wrestler). The report goes into full detail as Swann was in an argument with his wife, and his wife wanted to walk away from him.

However, Swann's temper got the best of him and he put his own wife in a headlock and forced her inside of his car.

She was screaming for help as she didn't want to ride with him in the car but he wouldn't listen.

His wife also said that he has a bit of a temper which is another reason why was scared. Thankfully, his wife was able to escape by opening the door while the car was only slowly moving.

Swann says he did not touch his wife and he didn't force her inside of the car. He says all he wanted to do was drive her home and that's it.

If Swann is found guilty of this incident, it's more than likely WWE are going to release him.

Plans will have to change this Monday since Swann was scheduled to wrestle Drew Gulak to be the new number one contender for Enzo Amore's Cruiserweight Title.

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