Bill Goldberg Says He'll Star In The Flash Later This Season

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The CW channel loves to use professional wrestlers for many of its comic book shows. Well another wrestler can be added to the list as Bill Goldberg says he'll appear in The Flash very soon.

Bill Goldberg confirmed via Twitter that he will appear in The Flash for two episodes. At this moment, we still don't know which character he is playing or the episode numbers he will appear in.

Goldberg did confirm that he's on the show for "my boy".

Goldberg does a lot of things in order to please his young son. He came back to wrestle in the WWE for his son and now he's doing even more TV work.

The Flash TV show also featured Adam Copeland (Edge) in season 2.

People may know Edge as one of the most decorated WWE wrestlers of all time. Not to mention he's a WWE Hall of Famer since he got inducted back in 2012.

The CW's Arrow included a guest appearance from former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes.

This was a cross promotion between The CW and WWE. Arrow star Stephen Amell then went on to wrestle in the WWE for one match at SummerSlam a couple of years ago.

This week is the crossover event, so it's likely we may not see Goldberg in The Flash just yet. It's possible he will be one of the metahumans that were inside the bus that The Thinker orchestrated.

The Flash is currently in its fourth season and is still very popular. There's tons more villains and storylines from the comic books that the TV show has yet to adapt.

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