The Next Selena Gomez: Which Young Starlet Will Take The Throne?

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It wasn't too long ago that Selena Gomez was a nobody who got cast on a Disney show called The Wizards of Waverly Place. Now, she's one of the top A-listers in Hollywood, and everyone knows her name.

But as she starts to drop out of the spotlight and her star starts to fade, there are plenty of young Disney and Nick starlets who are ready to take her place.

Who will take the title of hottest young celeb in Hollywood? We're counting down the top contenders.

#5 Jade Pettyjohn

Jade is the youngest actress on this list, but she's on track for a huge 2017. Jade is currently starring on Nick's School of Rock as Summer, a role originally played by Miranda Cosgrove.

The show has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy as well as other awards. She's also doing several moves for 2017, and she has a role in an upcoming episode of Pure Genius.

But Jade isn't just an actress. She is an excellent singer, a guitar player, and a record aficionado. Outside of work, she does a Youtube show about records, and she does modeling as well. Here's a video of her music:

#4 Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund has starred on Disney Channel TV shows for several years. She started on Lab Rats, and then continued to other Disney shows, as well as a Disney original movie.

Now, she's expanding her modeling career and branching out to shows on other networks, including a new Hallmark Channel original Christmas movie. She also sings.

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Berglund could easily fit in with the Jenner family, but she's much more versatile. Expect to see her in many more movies in 2017.

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#3 Sabrina Carpenter

In addition to having a starring role on Girl Meets World, Sabrina Carpenter has launched a hugely popular singing career. With an extremely talented voice and great acting chops, Sabrina is guaranteed to have a huge 2017.

This year, she starred in the Disney original movie Adventures in Babysitting, and she provided the voice for a new Disney cartoon, Milo Murphy's Law.

Sabrina's new tour has been selling out venues all over the country.

#2 Peyton List

Peyton List had a huge 2016. In addition to continuing her show Bunk'd on Disney Channel, she starred in Youtube's The Thinning, and Disney's original movie The Swap.

Peyton has also been active in politics, urging people to vote and writing about her support for Hillary Clinton. She also does modeling.

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Peyton's role on The Thinning is a dramatic departure from her previous roles, and we expect to be seeing her doing more edgy work in 2017.

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#1 Zendaya

Zenday arguably has the most going on of all of these stars.

Besides having a hit TV show on Disney, KC Undercover, she has a clothing line (which she recently launched), and even a super-popular app. We're already seeing Zendaya at many A-list events -- expect that to continue.

Zendaya has roles in two major 2017 films: Spider-Man and The Greatest Showman.

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And she's a model. And a social activist. Is there anything Zendaya doesn't do?

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