Rumor: The Reason Why We Didn't See A Space Jam 2 Trailer This Week

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LeBron James was supposed to show us a new trailer for Space Jam 2 this week, but it sounds like plans changed at the very last minute.

It's being said the trailer was pulled thanks to info of the movie getting leaked just one week earlier.

As you might know already, LeBron James shocked the world this week by announcing he's now joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

He was also supposed to show a trailer for Space Jam 2 at the same time, but it was pulled at the last minute.

According to a report from Basketball Society, the only reason LeBron James' people pulled the trailer is because information about its release was leaked. They wanted to surprise everyone with the trailer, but pulled it out.

It's not all bad news because the movie is still happening, but it will be shown at a later date.

Don't expect to see the movie get released anytime soon since LeBron James will be busy playing in the actual NBA season later this year.

LeBron James going to Los Angeles is more than just a sports decision too. He wanted to live close to Hollywood to increase his chances in the entertainment industry after he retires from playing in the NBA.

LeBron James is already 33 years old so he has maybe five more years left until he will retire from basketball forever. Basketball players usually retire at around the age of 37 to 40 years old.

It will be interesting to see if Space Jam 2 could propel James' Hollywood career.

We've seen many professional wrestlers make the transition to Hollywood thanks to The Rock, John Cena and Dave Bautista.

Even MMA stars like Ronda Rousey get roles in Hollywood, so James' post NBA career looks interesting so far is he chooses to act full time.

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