Jared Leto Is Set To Star As 'Morbius' In A Spider-Man Spinoff Movie

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Comic book movies continue to be the biggest film genre at the moment and many of the Hollywood studios are adapting as many characters as they can.

Sony Pictures is now going to make a film about Spider-Man villain 'Morbius' and the actor attached is someone familiar with comic book movies.

As reported by Variety, their sources say that Sony Pictures is going ahead in making a film about Morbius. The character is a vampire like person and has fought Spider-Man on many occasions in the cartoons and original comics.

The most interesting part about the report is that Jared Leto will star as Morbius in the film of the same name.

It's being said this new role will not affect any plans DC and Warner Bros have for Leto regarding future movies starring The Joker.

Daniel Espinosa is going to direct the movie and he managed to woo over Jared Let to be the main star last month.

Daniel Espinosa directed previous films such as 'Life', 'Safe House' and more. As of this moment, there is still no release window for the Morbius movie, but plans should be going ahead soon.

Sony is going all-in with its Spider-Man villain films in hopes to establish its own cinematic universe.

The studio is already releasing Venom later this year and a film starring Silver Sable and Black Cat is also in the planning stages.

That said, Sony might want to wait to make Morbius until after the Venom movie comes out. Venom could open huge at the Box Office, but future plans could be halted if word of mouth isn't strong.

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