'Prison Planet' Paul Joseph Watson: I Will Take You Up On That Malmo Offer (Opinion)

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This morning, far-right Prison Planet's Paul Joseph Watson made the claim that Malmo, Sweden in some kind of terrorist haven -- in order to defend Donald Trump's remarks on Sweden.

He even made an offer for journalists who are willing to go there. Here's what he had to say:

Well, Paul Joseph Watson: I am willing to make the sacrifice to take you up on that offer. I was in Malmo a few months ago, all by myself.

So I had to learn to survive.

I managed to take some pictures, and I was able to get ahold of some other photos of people brave enough to go there too (I did go to all of the places in the photos).

So let me show you what it was like...

When I first got there, I was essentially stranded outside of the high-speed rail station.

Between dodging artillery shells and hiding out in burnt out buildings, I was able to find shelter in the TGI Fridays in the center of town:

Credit: Lilatorg.ru

I knew I couldn't stay at the TGI Fridays forever, since the evil immigrants were coming for me, so I decided to venture toward the other side of the city -- which I heard was safe.

I had to military crawl through the crossfire in order to reach the center of town. Doesn't it remind you of Aleppo, Syria? It does to me.

Credit: My photo

But that wasn't all. Outside the city there were battleships pointing at each other. I was able to make it safely to a boat rental place, where I got a hold of a raft to get me to safety:

Credit: My photo

But I didn't get too far before an underwater mine blew up the boat.

The most dangerous part of the city was the startup district, where a bunch of courageous people were willing to sacrifice themselves to build products to keep Malmo from falling to the evil immigrants.

I just don't know how they do it. I tried to seek help at the offices of Flattr, the social micropayment service, but their compound was too heavily blockaded:

Credit: Techably

Eventually, I realized that my only option was to seek refuge in a nearby western hotel.

I remembered watching Hotel Rwanda and hearing about the brave hotel keeper that saved guests at the Mille Collines. I thought maybe I could find another brave soul like that.

I managed to avoid sniper fire long enough to make it to the Rennaissance hotel.

It's a Marriott. You'd think the State Department would have told them to pull out of Sweden -- as they did in Sierra Leone -- but the Renaissance building was still standing:

Credit: My photo

Climbing over the rubble, I made into one of the hotel dining rooms, where I begged for a piece of bread and some water. I sat up at what passed for a table:

Credit: Renaissance Hotel

...And I prayed.

In the end, I was one of the lucky ones, because the U.S. Embassy managed to find a safe train to get me out of Malmo and back to Copenhagen. But in order to get to the train, I had to make it past the town square, which was the epicenter of the violence:

Credit: Renaissance Hotel

In the end, I managed to get on the high speed train across the Oresund bridge -- the longest combined rail/road bridge in Europe -- and I requested asylum in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I'll have to save the horrors of Copenhagen for another article.

Anyway, for Paul Joseph Watson: I am willing to sacrifice myself to go on this trip.

Please send the tickets and hotel reservations to me. I promise to take more photos next time -- even if I have to wear one of those bulletproof "Press" vests.

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