Finn Has A New Hairstyle In Star Wars: Episode IX

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The first day of filming Star Wars: Episode IX has commenced and it looks like John Boyega s sporting a new hairstyle.

This means Finn (his character) will look slightly different to when he first appeared in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

The photo of Finn's new hairstyle was posted on John Boyega's official Instagram page.

The significance of the haircut mean there could be a gap between The Last Jedi and Star Wars: Episode IX. Months of even years could be the gap between the two movies if Finn has drastically changed his hair.

Director, JJ Abrams, also posted on Twitter that Star Wars: Episode IX has commenced filming. You can read his comments posted down below.

"Bittersweet starting this next chapter without Carrie, but thanks to an extraordinary cast and crew, we are ready to go. Grateful for @rianjohnson and special thanks to George Lucas for creating this incredible world and beginning a story of which we are lucky to be a part. #IX"

Details of Episode IX will be kept under wraps for several months until Disney and Lucasfilm are ready to reveal any trailers and promotional material.

Star Wars fans are hoping the movie can improve since a sizable number of people disliked Rian Johnson's effort in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: Episode IX releases in December 2019 and will be the final movie in the sequel trilogy. After that, Disney/Lucasfilm will be focusing on more Star Wars movies outside of the main timeline/period.

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