'The Flash' Recap: 'The Reverse-Flash Returns' Season 2 Episode 11, A Nightmare Revisited

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Just when CWTV's The Flash couldn't get any more intense, one team Flash's worst nightmares comes true. In "The Reverse-Flash Returns," episode 11 of season two, Barry has to face a foe he never thought he'd see again.

Cisco has another bad vibe about Eobard Thawne, however, Barry, Caitlyn, Wells, Joe, Iris and the rest of the team shrugs it off. They later on regret that after an attack at Mercury Labs and Christina McGee reveals that Reverse Flash is in fact truly back.

Iris mends things with her mother and is able to grow closer to Wally, which didn't see possible until the end of last week's episode.

The episode kicked off as Barry is racing through Central City. He is hard at work with Cisco and Wells, fighting crime so that he can forget about Patty leaving. A sensor goes off for a runaway chemical truck and Barry races over to see that there is no driver and no brakes. Cisco tells him that he can't let the truck crash and uses his head, undoes all of the wheels on the truck and stops it just in time.

Cisco then begs Barry to take a break. Cisco isn't worried about helping catch Zoom because he thinks that Turtle is safely locked up.

However, Caitlyn and Jay deliver the news that Turtle is dead as viewers know, Wells killed him, however, he is denying it when the team gathers around the body.

Meanwhile, Thawne tells Gideon that he has figured out what time the Flash is in and wants to head back home.

Barry decides that they should try to close the breaches before finger pointing begins. Patty calls Barry to help him run some forensics. Barry agrees to help but he's pretty upset at Patty for leaving. She didn't think he would be so upset but Barry doesn't think there is much to talk about anymore.

She walks out as Iris walks in. Iris overheard a bit of it and Barry clarifies.

Iris tells him he doesn't have to let Patty leave but he says Patty wanted to be CSI her whole life. Just then, Joe enters and reveals that Francine isn't doing too well.

Cisco asks Wells if helping him hone in on his Vibe powers will help them locate Zoom. Wells is very short with him and tries to dismiss it but when Cisco begins to make sense, Wells seems to have a breakthrough.

He tells Cisco to meet him in the time vault and when Cisco goes looking for him, Wells meets him in a Reverse-Flash costume.

Wells figures out that Cisco needs to be afraid in order to Vibe and when Wells scares him, Cisco sees the Reverse-Flash alive.

An alarm is going off at Mercury labs and Dr. McGee is interrupted by the Reverse-Flash. Thawne wants to take McGee but the Flash swoops in and is surprised by what he sees. Thawne tells Barry that he knows what time he is in and that he will die. He punches Barry and takes off with McGee.

Wells makes sense of it all by telling the team that Thawne is from the future which means all of the events that have happened remain the same. Barry wants to take Thawne out but Joe tells him to sit tight.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn is worried about Jay's sickness and proposes that they find his Earth-1 doppelganger to replace his cells. Thawne is threatening McGee's life unless she helps him get back home.

Joe and Iris are visiting Francine at the hospital and Joe leaves the mother and daughter to talk. Iris asks if she can get her anything and Francine asks for Wally. She says that she wishes Wally could get all of his anger out already. Francine also tells Iris that if she wants to say something to her, she needs to do so while she can.

Iris says she has so many great memories from when she grew up and wonders what it would be like if Francine and Wally was in them. She wishes her mother came back sooner so she could forgive her sooner.

She forgives her mother and leaves the room after becoming so emotional. Joe hugs her and she doesn't understand why it's so hard to lose someone she barely knows.

Barry and Caitlyn are working on finding Jay's doppelganger when Patty walks in and asks to talk. Patty told Barry she didn't know that he was working with STAR labs. Barry asks if there is something she came to tell him. She is confused as to why he is just rolling with her leaving.

She doesn't understand why he is acting the way he is and he says he doesn't want her to miss out on the things she wants to do. He says he wishes things were different and he is sorry.

Patty says she is sorry as well and leaves.

Wells is adding a wavelength trigger to Cisco's goggles in order to trigger his fear. Wells should be able to dictate how long Cisco sleeps. They are trying to locate the Reverse-Flash an Cisco prepares himself. He puts on the goggles and it puts him in full Vibe mode.

He sees different events in time but when he concentrates on the Reverse-Flash he sees him. He moves towards Thawne and Dr. McGee and witnesses McGee helping Thawne then dying at Thawne's hands.

Caitlyn learns that Dr. McGee is dead and Cisco explains how he saw her die. He tells them that Thawne left in the tech that McGee helped him complete. Cisco speaks about a clock that read 9:52.

McGee isn't actually dead yet, Cisco just saw the future. Joe approaches Patty and tells her that he will miss her.

She tells Joe about her discussion with Barry and also reveals that she went through the files that Barry was helping STAR labs with.

Patty has actually found out that Barry is the Flash and when Joe tries to lie, she sees right through it.

Iris greets her brother as he works on his car and tells him that his mother wants to see him. Iris tells Wally that her fiance died and she didn't get a chance to say goodbye and that she loved him. She says she got to say goodbye to her mom and it helped her make peace with the family. She urges Wally to go see his mother while he still can.

Barry and the rest of the team are racing to find McGee and Thawne before she dies. Caitlyn asks Barry about research on a doppelganger but he doesn't have an update.

To make matters worth, Joe tells Barry that Patty knows he is the Flash. Barry doesn't want her to know because he is trying to protect her.

Barry races over to the location of Thawne and McGee and just before he kills her, Barry shows up and knocks the Reverse-Flash down. He also destroys Thawne's way home and tells him he isn't going anywhere. Thawne says that the Flash hasn't won and Barry prepares for a showdown with the Reverse-Flash. Thawne tells Barry to catch him if he he can and the two keep racing until Barry actually catches him.

Barry begins attacking him and it looks like he is finally getting revenge. Joe pleads with Barry not to kill Thawne and to bring him in. Barry delivers a huge blow and brings Thawne back to STAR labs.

Barry wants to talk to Thawne but Wells is advising him not to reveal any information to Thawne. Barry leaves and Cisco's nose starts bleeding. Caitlyn talks to Jay about his doppelganger and he tells her there is a good reason he hasn't been letting him in.

He tells her to meet him at a location and all will be revealed. Cisco meets with Thawne and tells him that he was the one who gave him the ability to Vibe and helped him build the cell.

As he turns to leave the nosebleed continues.

Patty meets with Barry and he tells her that he hasn't been avoiding her. She tells him she knows, he has been busy speeding around Central City. She is pleading with him to not make her look anymore stupid.

She tells him to be honest with her and to admit to her that he is the Flash. She tells him she would stay if he admitted it but he tells her she is wrong and she is completely broken up.

Barry meets with Thawne and asks him why he hates him.

Thawne said he didn't always hate him. Thawne said that the ability to travel through time showed that he was supposed to be the Flashes enemy. Thawne says that he was better than Barry and he is the one thing he can't stop. Barry tells him that it is over and Thawne just tells him that he knows what time period he is in and he will find out who he really is.

Meanwhile, Cisco is having a serious seizure and Caitlyn tells Barry they need to hurry. They manage to sedate Cisco but he begins to dissolve into the bed.

Wells tells the team that Cisco is being affected by the rupture in the timeline.

Wells says that he has to let Thawne go and send him back to his time period. Barry was very reluctant but Wells tells him that if he ran fast enough he could catapult Thawne through time.

Wells meets with Thawne and when Thawne asks who Wells is, Wells replies, "no one of consequence." Thawne doesn't buy it but Barry is ready to send Thawne back. Wells tells Barry that this is how Thawne learned everything about the Flash and this is the origin story of the Reverse-Flash. Joe tells Barry that this could be a good way to let go of Thawne.

Barry says he won't forget him no matter where he throws him in time. The two enter the chamber and begin running so fast it causes the wormhole and Barry sends Thawne right into it.

Barry returns to see if Cisco is alive and he is. Barry saved his friend. Caitlyn meets with Jay and tells her that he also thought about finding his doppelganger but he figured out that he found him without the same name. He reveals that his condition can only be solved by a mutation and the only way to do that is to catch Zoom.

Wally visits Iris and he tells her that he is going to take her advice. He also asks her to accompany him to the hospital and she agrees.

Cisco wakes up with a mean headache and the team fills him in on what happened. Cisco learns that Barry sent Thawne back to save his life and thanks Barry.

Joe and Barry talk about Patty and he tells Barry that he has the ability to do many things and that there will be a lot of sacrifices for him to make. They share a hug but Barry receives a phone call from Patty who tells him that there is a man with a gun on the train.

Barry races over and it was a false alarm, she wanted to see him for herself. He shows his face without the blur and she finally gets to say goodbye to the Flash.

"The Reverse-Flash Returns" is one of the origin stories that fans have been waiting for.

It's going to get even uglier for team Flash as the second half of season two progresses; promising some pretty explosive episodes to come.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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