The Flash Season 3 Episode 22 Review/Recap: What Happens To Iris?

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It's crunch time in The Flash because time is running out until the team can try to prevent Iris from getting stabbed by Savitar.

There's one last hope for the team as they need to use the Speed Force Bazooka to trap Savitar.

All they need to power the cannon is to steal a red power source hidden inside a heavily defended facility called ARGUS.

Bear in mind, this article will delve into big spoilers of The Flash so avoid reading this if you want to watch the episode with an open mind.

There are a lot of things that took place in this exciting episode.

ARGUS is defended really well that even meta-humans cannot swoop in and steal stuff from it.

Barry needs help, so he travels back to the year of 1892 to enlist the help of Leonard Snart also known as Captain Cold. Snart at this time is still alive traveling with the Legends of Tomorrow.

The two use their wits and smarts in order to infiltrate ARGUS and Barry is pretty good at following Snart's orders.

Snart himself is even able to hack into the room where the power source is located in a mere 37 seconds. Their plan seems easy, until they realize the power source is guarded by King Shark.

In order to save Iris, Barry is actually pondering whether or not to kill King Shark. Snart knows Barry is not a killer and questions whether it's the right thing to do.

Snart instead throws an ice grenade on the floor to knock out King Shark. Once they steal the power source, the alarm goes off and Barry escapes, but Snart is trapped.

Thankfully Cisco bails them out, but then they get caught.

Lyla (from Arrow) catches Snart and Barry in the act. However, she later decides to let them go knowing that this power source could be the key to save Iris from Savitar

Iris is currently in Earth 2 with the other Harrison Wells, Joe and Wally. However, Savitar tricks the team and H.R. blurts out that Iris is safe in Earth 2. Savitar races to Earth 2 to kidnap Iris so she can meet her fate at Infantino Street. Savitar manages to break Wally's leg in the process.

Cisco has a vibe and he has to face Killer Frost in the woods. We don't get to see what happens in the iconclusion of this fight.

Barry tells Cisco that he is the one that could make Killer Frost become Caitlyn Snow again. It's interesting to note that Julian was absent in this entire episode.

Tracy Brand has the Speed Force Bazooka ready so that Barry can shoot Savitar. It's a familiar scene because this is the moment that Iris dies.

However, Barry shoots Savitar with the bazooka and things seem to be going well. That is until the bazooka doesn't work. Savitar became prepared as he has the Philosopher's Stone to protect him.

What happens is what could be one of the saddest moments in the history of The Flash. Iris made a video in what appears to be her final goodbye to Barry.

Everything is in slow motion, but Savitar stabs Iris in the back just like the visions Barry had. It appears as if Iris dies and that's the end of the episode.

My theory: Even though it may look as if Iris died, I don't think this is the end of the character. I feel Iris tricked both Savitar and Barry. She must have swapped places with H.R. as they used the face changing technology to trick Barry and Savitar. The face changing technology was already used by Barry himself as he had to pose as Lyla to get access to ARGUS. A lot of comments online have the same theory too.

Next week's preview did not give us any more hints about the real fate of Iris. It just shows that Barry is still depressed thinking that she is dead for real.

It's possible they will not reveal that Iris is actually alive until after Savitar is defeated. Next week is the big Season Finale with The Flash vs. Savitar one last time.

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