The Flash Season 3 Episode 21 Review And Recap: Barry Loses His Memory

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After last week's shocking reveal of the identity of Savitar, Barry Allen and his team now come up with a strategy that can beat Savitar.

Even though Season 3 is coming to an end, the show writers still managed to make this episode the funniest one of the entire season.

Anyway, this week's episode starts where the last one left off.

It has now been revealed that Savitar is a future version of Barry Allen himself. Savitar is a time remnant that Barry created, but he felt abandoned since he was not labeled as the "true" Barry.

This version of Barry was created in a time loop. A future Barry Allen created time remnants to stop Savitar, but Savitar killed most of them. Only one time remnant lived.

However, he said the real Barry and his friends "shunned" him because he was a duplicate. This time remnant eventually became Savitar.

This is why he wants to kill Iris. He needs Barry to feel broken down in order for himself to be created.

It's kind of hard to explain, but a time loop has no start or end point.

It's similar to how Goku Black was created due to Zamasu's hate for Goku in Dragon Ball Super. Let's just say Savitar needs Barry to feel depressed and alienated for him to be created.

After a brief scuffle, Savitar runs away and Barry goes back to Star Labs. Cisco comes up with a plan to erase Barry's memories so Savitar will forget who he is.

If Savitar forgets who he is, this will prevent Iris from being killed. The plan doesn't go so well because Cisco manages to give Barry amnesia and he forgets everything.

The rest of this episode is surprisingly funny considering we are near the season finale. Even though the stakes are high, it's humorous to see Grant Gustin playing as a clueless Barry.

In my opinion, it's great to see a happier goofy side of Barry. He's been too serious and sad all season long.

Iris West actually begins to like this side of Barry. Barry is happy, even though he doesn't remember what it's like being The Flash.

The amnesia plan actually works because Savitar loses his memory too. Things seem to be looking up, until an arsonist named Heat Monger ruins things.

Barry was supposed to testify Heat Monger's crimes in court, but he fails to explain his testimony clearly.

Due to this, Heat Monger escapes being charged for his crimes and starts lighting a building on fire. At this point of the episode, Kid Flash/Wally West is also de-powered because his powers were given to him by Savitar.

Since nobody is able to save the city from danger, they need Barry's memories back.

Thankfully, Killer Frost comes back to Star Labs to help the team out. She's still evil inside, although she manages to come up with a device that kickstarts Barry's brain to get his thoughts back.

Iris does a great speech reminding Barry of the first time they met each other. Barry was sad about his mother dying and he rested his head on her lap when they were kids.

This sparked Barry to remember that he is The Flash and he and Wally extinguish the flames of the burning building. Heat Monger is taken back to custody.

Cisco and Julian try to get Killer Frost back to the good side, but her evil side prevails in the end. She will be going back to Savitar who has also regained his memories. The episode ends with Tracy Brand finishing off the Speed Force Bazooka.

This is the device that they will use to trap Savitar. The only thing they need is a special item to power it up. This item is located where King Shark is guarding it!

Overall, this episode of The Flash was very funny and it's one of the best episodes of Season 3 in my opinion.

Not to mention this episode made every character feel useful as everyone played an important part here.

Next week will see the return of Captain Cold as Barry needs his help to steal that special item that King Shark is guarding.

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