The Flash Season 3 Episode 20 Review/Recap: Savitar's Identity Revealed

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The Flash Season 3 episode 20 may have been the most important one for fans to watch.

The episode finally revealed to us the long awaited identity for Savitar. Savitar's identity was revealed at the very end of the episode, but it was worth it.

Bear in mind, we will talk about major spoilers in our recap so avoid reading the rest of this article if you want to watch the new episode yourself.

The last few episodes of The Flash are going to be very interesting going forward.

Before Savitar shows his identity, the main bulk of the episode focused on the team's search for Tracy Brand.

Tracy Brand is a scientist that can help the team trap Savitar inside the speed force. They need to find her before Savitar does because he has ordered Killer Frost to find her and put her down for good.

As we saw in last week's episode, the future emo Barry Allen told us that Brand does not make the technology to trap Savitar until a few year's time.

The good guys need her to work on the trapping device ASAP to prevent the death of Iris in a few week's time. This job is easier said than done thanks to Killer Frost being let loose.

Tracy Brand is introduced to the team while she is in her lab. Cisco, Barry and H.R. are there but the meeting is brief because Killer Frost attacks them.

Savitar knows Brand will trap him in the future so he wants Killer Frost to kill her.

Luckily, Barry saves Brand from the first attack. The only thing I don't understand is why can't Savitar kill Brand himself? I guess he doesn't want to change history.

To cut a long story short, the team eventually tell Brand that her research is important and it helps them in the future. Luckily the charm of H.R. allows her to stay, although she was scared about everything at first. Cisco on the other hand is worried about his vibe powers being too powerful on Killer Frost. He thinks he cannot control his powers and might kill her.

Eventually, Killer Frost gets desperate and kidnaps Joe's girlfriend.

In exchange for his girlfriend, she wants the good guys to bring Tracy Brand to Savitar. The team eventually brings Brand to the designated location, although Killer Frost is not successful in her mission.

This is thanks to the courage of Cisco as he uses his powers to knock Killer Frost out. He takes her blood so he and Julian can use it to find a cure.

They are unable to get her to safety though because Savitar arrives and takes her away. It appears Savitar can predict their every move no matter what they do.

Joe eventually tells his girlfriend that he works for The Flash and everyone seems happy for now. That is until Barry's brain goes into thinking mode and he starts to piece all the clues together.

This part of the episode seems weird as he knows the identity of Savitar while he was with Joe and his family.

There wasn't one major clue that gave him the answer. Barry just randomly pieced all the clues together based on what Killer Frost told him earlier in the episode.

Anyway, Barry runs away to confront Savitar. He says he knows who he is.

Savitar takes off his armor and we see that he is a future version of Barry Allen himself! This Barry though looks ugly as he has a Two-Face like scar on his face. The episode ends like that.

The reveal might have been predictable for some people, although it does raise a lot of questions. The 2024 version of Barry Allen seemed normal, so it will be interesting to see what time period this Barry Allen comes from.

Not to mention why would Barry of any timeline get so crazy that he will try and kill Iris? We will probably find out all of these answers in the episodes to come.

The final few episodes of The Flash season 3 are going to be epic.

As a whole, this episode was fun to watch from beginning to end. However, it seems as if next week's episode will be more important as it will tell us why this future Barry has become so evil. It was better than last week's episode though as that one didn't reveal anything to us.

It's also great to see how important H.R. is becoming to the team. Without his charming personality, Tracy Brand may not have stayed with the team.

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