'The Flash' Recap: 'Potential Energy' Season 2 Episode 10, The Flash V.S. Turtle

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After a short break, CWTV's The Flash returns in a big way with. In "Potential Energy," episode 10 of season two, Barry faces off against an old enemy of Jay's who can manipulate time.

Barry is always being forced with difficult decisions and it doesn't get any easier for him in the mid-season premiere. He faces another tough decision as to whether or not he should reveal himself as The Flash to Patty.

The newest member of the West family Wally begins to get closer with Iris and Joe, who are eager to learn more about him.

As if the drama wasn't enough for Team Flash, another meta-human called The Turtle emerges and The Flash is responsible for taking him down.

The return of The Flash kicks off as Barry races through Central City. He reaches Patty's doorstep but the roses he was holding caught fire. He and Patty joke about it and stomp the fire out. The two seem extremely happy, that is until Zoom steps in and grabs her. He races off to a rooftop and tells Barry that everything he has will be his. He drops Patty and then Barry wakes up.

It was all a nightmare. Joe is giving Wally a tour of the precinct and Iris tells him she always wanted a brother. Joe invites Wally to dinner but he refuses.

A criminal is being taken into custody and he recognizes Wally. He asks him where his handcuffs are but calls him Taillight.

Wally brushes off it off with the fact that he has a familiar face. Patty interrupts and asks to speak to Iris about Barry. She is concerned about him being guarded and he won't tell her about his nightmares. Iris tells Patty that she should tell Barry that he doesn't have to feel like he has the world on his shoulders. Meanwhile, at STAR Labs, Wells is upset about his work and takes his frustration out on some equipment.

Cisco comes in and tells him that he can't take his frustration out on equipment and there is another way to stop Zoom. He tells Wells that there could be a way to draw Zoom's speed.

He presents The Turtle, a man who is slowing everything down around him as time moves on.

If they can catch Turtle, they have a chance of slowing him down. Barry races off when priceless diamonds are returned to the police.

Barry races off and thinks he can catch the Turtle before he strikes but he ends up getting caught in the time lapse, as the Turtle makes way with the diamond, unbeknownst to anyone. Caitlyn tells Barry that whatever the Turtle did just affected him temporarily. The Turtle left him in a state of potential energy. Wells leaves the team to figure out how they can use the Turtle to slow zoom down.

They I.D. the Turtle and Jay seems a bit worried.

He says it's hard for him to see someone doing bad and not being able to help. Barry and Joe discuss the Turtle and Barry notices that Joe is nervous about the dinner with Wally.

Barry tells Joe he has no reason to be nervous and that he won't miss the dinner. He runs into Patty who wanted to make sure that everything is okay. She tells him she doesn't want him to feel burdened with everything. He says he doesn't and attributes it all to the memory of his moms passing. He smooths things over and invites Patty to dinner the next evening.

Wally did not show up to the dinner and Joe seems let down. Barry and Iris are left when Joe turns in for bed.

They start talking about why Barry has been quiet and Iris already knows it's because of Patty.

He wasn't thrilled about Iris' talking to Patty but she tells him that one day he is going to have to tell her the truth if he is serious about being with her.

He agrees to tell Patty that he is The Flash.

Barry makes his way to STAR Labs to see if the team has any information for him. There is a painting that has been returned to the museum and Barry is looking at this as a way to catch the Turtle. Barry remembers that he has dinner with Patty and wants to use the art showing as a way to make up for it.

Cisco asks him if he thinks it's a good idea to bring a date when he is fighting crime.

Barry reveals that he plans on telling Patty that he is The Flash but when he leaves, Wells meets him and tells him not to.

He tells him that if Zoom finds out who he loves and cares for, he will take them from him.

At the museum Barry, Caitlyn and Jay are scanning the room for The Turtle with Cisco and Wells standing by in a van outside. Wells tells Cisco a story about being on Earth-2 and a trap that Zoom set in order to show the police that they could not catch him.

He killed 14 police officers and left one officer to tell the story about how his comrades were murdered.

He described Zoom's energy bolts Zooming by and was later on killed. Cisco tells Wells if he ever needed him to vibe in order to see if his daughter is alive he will.

Patty meets Barry and she looks pretty amazing, it leaves Barry speechless temporarily. He leads her to the dance floor where she continues to tell him he doesn't have to hide who he is from her. He says he only tells people he trusts and she assures him that he can trust her.

He begins to tell her his secret but the Turtle comes in and before Patty can draw her gun, he takes it from her. Barry returns as The Flash and saves Patty from a falling chandelier that was shot down by the Turtle.

Patty wakes up but The Flash, Caitlyn and Jay along with everyone else has left.

Caitlyn checks Barry out but he is fine. He asks about Turtle but both Turtle and the painting are gone. He immediately remembers Patty and doesn't want her to feel like he ditched her. Jay asks to speak to Caitlyn and pours her some champagne in a beaker. They toast and he tells her he is going to see if he can make himself useful.

Back at home, Patty is opening up an envelope but is interrupted by Barry. She is mad at him for ditching her and he tells her that he doesn't have a good excuse. She is completely upset and Barry tries to joke around it but he can't.

Patty says she is moving past fun to the close part and that's what she wants. She tells Barry he needs to figure out what he wants, fast.

Meanwhile, Wally seems to be a speed demon all his own. He is taking part in a street race and actually doing pretty well. He won himself a new ride but he had an unexpected spectator in the crowd. Joe was there and asked him why he didn't show up for dinner.

Joe asks him if he came to Central City for the races. Wally says he doesn't have to explain himself to him.

Wally says that he races to take care of his moms hospital bills. When Joe offers to help, Wally says he is the man of his house and asks Joe to go home.

Patty is attacked by the Turtle at her home and he holds her hostage. He tells her he wants the thing most precious to The Flash, which happens to be her. Barry arrives at Patty's apartment once more and he notices that something isn't right. There is a single bullet on the floor and he immediately calls Joe to tell him that he thinks the Turtle has Patty.

Patty is being help hostage by the Turtle and when she asks what he wants from her, he tells her he wants her to stop moving forever. He says it's not about hurting her, it's about someone who values her.

The Turtle tells Patty that he saw the way The Flash saved her. The Turtle tells her that it's a waste of time saving people then proceeds to tell Patty about his wife who he froze in time forever.

Barry is restless at STAR Labs and they realize that the Turtle stores everything he takes. They locate him at the library his wife once worked at and Barry takes off. The team tells Barry he only has two-tenths of a second to grab her between the Turtle's pulses.

The Flash races in but he is met by a couple of punches from the Turtle. The Turtle changes his mind about keeping Patty and picks up a knife.

The Flash tries to speed through the pulses once more and succeeds. He saves Patty and she thanks him.

The Turtle is trapped in the meta-human cell and Barry tells him that he is their most prized possession. Caitlyn meets Jay and tells him that she knows he is sick. He didn't expect his sickness and she asks him to help her find a cure, but there is no cure. The only way to help him is to get his speed back by stopping Zoom.

Jay agrees to help her stop Zoom. Wally returns to pick up a sweater he left at Joe's house and tells him that he is leaving town.

Wally says he is not going to apologize and Joe does the apologizing instead. He says he was pushing the father-son thing and tells Wally he is sorry. They sit down for a father-son meal.

Barry meets with Patty and asks if they can talk. She tells him it's not a good time and he tells her it will be really quick. He admits to being closed off and not honest with her. Before he can finish, she tells Barry that she is leaving Central City. She is leaving for a forensic science program.

Patty is moving on from everything and gives Barry one last hug before walking away. Wells is logging all of his work and records himself telling his daughter that he is coming for her. He wanders the halls of STAR Labs and towards the chamber holding the Turtle.

He uses a weapon to take the Turtle out and says he would do anything to get his daughter back. Just then, the Reverse-Flash returns and he isn't quite sure where he is.

"Potential Energy" is an explosive start to the second half of The Flash season two. It's going to be interesting to see how Team Flash moves forward in their fight against the meta-humans who are emerging every week.

Zoom is still a major threat and Wells' allegiance is still in question as his daughter remains captive.

What other surprises will CWTV have in store? Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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