'The Flash' Recap: 'Fast Lane' Season 2 Episode 12, The Human Tarpit

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Things get a little crazy during this episode of CWTV's The Flash.

In "Fast Lane" episode 12 of season two, Barry battles another meta-human by the name of Tarpit and the worries surrounding Zoom and his diabolical plan to end The Flash continues to rise.

Last week the team decided that they must close the breaches in order to try and keep meta-humans from entering the city. Things take a bit of halt when Tar Pit, a meta-human who can transform into liquid asphalt arrives and begins wreaking havoc in Central City. Cisco coined the name for the evil villain and he along with Wells and Caitlyn must assist in his apprehension.

Iris' detective skills leads her to uncovering that Wally is in to street racing, just after striking up a new bond in last week's episode.

It looks as if Joe didn't share his findings but Iris gets dangerously close to the underground world and things go awry. Barry is going to be tested for sure.

The episode kicked off in a parking lot where two criminals are torturing the future Tarpit. He gives the goons the information they want, however, they still drop him in the tar and move on. This all took place when the accelerator exploded so it was in fact a flashback.

In present day, Tarpit rises from a construction site. That evening Barry is racing through the city trying to heal his bruised heart after Patty left.

He stops by to check in at home and sees Patty, Iris and Joe enjoying a dinner together.

Wally tells his family about his aspirations and Iris brings up the fact that he's still drag racing. She asks if it's dangerous and he tells her it is to the people racing him. Wally leaves dinner on an awkward note and Iris gets on her dads case for letting Wally continue to race. She tells Joe she doesn't recognize him as a dad.

Wells is studying the Turtle's brain matter to control a device that he created to drain Barry's speed. Barry walks in and tells him he is going to try to tackle the bridge problem.

Wells tells Barry that he works better alone but it doesn't seem to stop Barry from racing through a few books and catching up on Earth-2 science. Wells agrees to let Barry assist but Wells says he is in charge.

Wally arrives at Wally's street race and he is trying to get her to leave him alone but she doesn't. She tries to persuade him into thinking it's too dangerous but h still gets into the car for the last race of the night. Iris snaps a quick photo of the man who appears to be running the underground racing society.

Elsewhere Tarpit arrives at a garage and he does not look happy.

He approaches the man and tells him that he was trapped in the ground for two years.

The man happens to be the same guy that dropped him into the tar and he uses his powers to show the man the pain he felt being suffocated by tar.

Barry greets Joe at the scene of the crime where Tarpit attacked the man. They decide that it looks like the body was dipped in a volcano. They immediately know that a meta-human is involved and Barry agrees to take a look at the samples.

Joe also asks Barry about what he should do when it comes to Wally. Barry says there is nothing wrong with being strict when it's coming from a good place.

Wells is still working on his plan to help Zoom when Barry and Cisco walk in while discussing an app developed to track meta-humans. Wells plants the new tech he developed into the Flash suit and it looks like the plan might be in place. Meanwhile, Iris meets with her father and tells him that she is researching a story about street racing. She shows her father some pretty graphic photos and warns Joe that Wally could be the next victim.

She asks him what he is so afraid of and Joe admits that he is afraid of rejection. He says he needs it to go well with Wally after all of the years lost.

He wants Wally to trust him before he does something about the street racing.

Barry and Wells are still working on a way to close the breaches and Barry says it's like old times. He says Wells was like another father and upon mentioning the words, Wells flips and tells Barry he didn't ask for help and he doesn't need another kid. Barry leaves and Cisco asks him what's wrong but they bypass everything and switch to the task at hand. The victim that was killed by Tarpit was actually fossilized. The victims are being drowned in tar.

Just the, Cisco's app goes off and Barry races off to the attack. Wells activates the tech that is designed to steal Barry's speed.

Tarpit is in a showdown with the second of his two attackers but Barry saves him.

He is told that he needs to find a way to cool Tarpit down and it seems to work momentarily.

The Flash plans on taking the second attacker to learn more about Tarpit while Wells has successfully captured the Flash's speed.

Barry and the team are now going over all of the information they have on Tarpit and the victim didn't give them any answers. They find facial recognition for Joseph Monteleone and there is actually a pretty funny crossover joke. Cisco asks who the best hacker is and Barry and Caitlyn both say Felicity Smoak.

Cisco approaches Barry because he notices a dip in his speed. He asks if he is getting enough to eat and feeling fine and Barry says he's okay.

Iris approaches the man responsible for holding the races. She threatens him to stop the racing or else she will be running a story in the papers. He threatens her with finding out every detail about her life. He tells her to publish her trash and see what happens to her. She recorded the entire conversation and almost puts her life in danger.

Wally approaches his sister later and asks her if she has a death wish. She asks him why he's still racing. She says he was only supposed to race until he made enough money to pay the bills.

Iris then uses Francine as a bargaining agent and tells Wally is not a badass and doesn't have to feel alone.

She tells him that both she and her father care about her well being. Wally tells her if she shows up at the races again he won't be able to protect her.

Barry meets with Wells who tells him a story about perfecting a solar powered oven for his 10-year-old daughter. He says Barry's determination reminds him of his daughter. Barry tries to convince Wells that he is not in this all alone and Wells says that it doesn't matter, he will always choose his daughter over Barry. Barry says he has more faith in Wells than he has in himself.

Barry tells Wells he may have found a way to close the breaches. Wells leaves to read the information but later on meets with Zoom and hands him the speed he stole from Barry.

Zoom injects himself but he says he still needs more. He doesn't negotiate with Wells to get more speed and threatens to torture his daughter if he doesn't get the rest of Flash's speed.

Joe greets the team with news that he couldn't get a hold of any court records. Cisco hacks in and finds out that the victims and Tarpit served in the same juvenile facility. Iris walks in and says she knows how to find the men they are looking for. Barry and Wells set out to collapse all of the breaches and Wells notices that something isn't right with Barry.

Barry is tired and says he doesn't feel like himself but the first breach that they test actually closes up. Barry is so overcome with joy he hugs Wells with excitement.

They now know how to close the other 51 breaches. Barry tells him it's the first stop in getting his daughter back and there is immediate regret on Wells' face because he is secretly team Zoom.

Iris and Joe are at the races and everything is going smooth as Wally takes off, however, he runs into some pretty bad blacktop as Tarpit alters the road. He sends Wally's car air born and Iris' text to Barry comes in time for him to save Wally but not Iris.

A glass shard enters her shoulder and Barry realizes he wasn't fast enough. Joe and Barry watch on but Barry catches her before she hits the floor. Barry races off to the hospital with her at the request of Joe.

Joe is waiting on Iris to recover and she seems to be doing much better. Joe catches her up on what happened and Wally walks in with flowers for his sister. She thanks him for the flowers and he seems pretty shaken up about it all. Iris tells her it's okay and Wally tells her to feel better before he leaves. Joe stops him and tells him that Wally needs to be at his sister's bedside.

Joe says he understands that he can't tell him how to live his life but he is not alone. He says Wally has people that is worried sick at night.

Joe admits that he is mad at Wally for being reckless with his life. He gets a message from Barry and Wally decides he will stay behind with Iris.

Meanwhile, Cisco tells Barry not to worry about Iris and that they will get Tarpit. Barry finally admits that he felt slower and Cisco says that the readings from the suit are normal. Cisco asks him if he feels sick and Caitlyn tells him that his speed has dropped two percent. Wells is listening on and when Barry asks him he says it can be any number of things.

Barry is upset that he wasn't able to fully save Iris. He says he can't lose anyone else and Wells stands up and tells Barry he won't.

He admits to stealing Barry's speed and giving it to Zoom. Joe attacks Wells and he and Barry lock Wells away because they were hurt after trusting him to help them.

Joe takes Tarpit's bait out of police custody and Tarpit shows up in a much bigger form. Barry uses new tech that was developed to take him down and it works. They lock him up and then Barry attends to the bigger matter at hands.

Barry asks him why Wells is betraying him and he replies with the same answer he gave them before. He tells them that he has now sacrificed his daughter and begs to be sent back to Earth-2 and then shut down all of the breaches so that Zoom will never be able to crossover again.

Barry asks about Wells' daughter and he replies by saying she is her fight not his. They respond by locking him up again.

Wally and his sister are having some quality time together. He says when he was growing up they couldn't afford toys so the car rides with his mother was the only thing he had. That's why he races, because he feels like he did when he was a kid in his moms car.

He is afraid if he stops, he will lose that feeling, however it doesn't appear that he will be racing anymore.

Caitlyn and Cisco figure out what Wells was doing and Joe tells them to send him back before he shoots him.

Barry actually sticks up for Wells and says when it comes to the people they all love, none of them are vulnerable to making the wrong decision. He doesn't want to give up on Wells daughter or the Earth-2 world.

He doesn't want to close the breaches and forget about it all, he wants to help Wells.

He takes full responsibility for what happened until now, but after a group decision, Wells is trusted to do the right thing this time as a member of team Flash.

Barry tells Wells they are going to help save his daughter by going to Earth-2 together.

"Fast Lane" was a pretty intense episode and was a very big test for Barry. It looks like Wells' time is running out which means so is his daughters.

You get the feeling that the rest of the episodes from now until the end of season two are going to be pretty gripping.

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Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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