CM Punk Lands A Lead Role In An Upcoming Horror Movie

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Former WWE Superstar, CM Punk (Phil Brooks), is slowly transitioning to a new career as an actor. This is because the former professional wrestler has landed a lead role in a new movie called 'Girl On The Third Floor'.

As reported by Deadline, shooting for 'Girl On The Third Floor' has ended with CM Punk playing the lead role of Don Koch. You can read a small synopsis of the movie posted below.

Brooks stars as Don Koch, a man who is failing as a husband. He now views fixing up an old house as a chance to make up for past mistakes. Meanwhile, his wife, Liz Koch, is concerned about the renovation timeline as they have a baby on the way. As Don tears the house apart, it begins to tear him apart as well, revealing the rot behind the drywall

Some other people in the film include Trieste Dunn (Banshee), Elissa Dowling (We Are Still Here) as well as a new actress named Sarah Brooks. Travis Stevens has both written and directed the film.

CM Punk actually gave some comments about starring in the movie. You can see what he had to say posted below.

I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to take on the lead role in Girl On The Third Floor,” said Brooks. “I’m a longtime personal fan of genre films and this project was an absolute natural fit for me.

This is not the only horror film we will see CM Punk in because he also stars in a movie called 'Rabid' which also stars his real life wife AJ Lee in a guest role as well.

CM Punk is slowly becoming an actor since he does not want to wrestle ever again and his MMA career hasn't been all that successful...

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