Youtube Star Jack Gilinsky Appears Hacked By Chikri, Tweets Racist Messages

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Youtube star Jack Gilinsky has been a controversial figure, but the controversy seemed to reach a new level when tweets like this appeared on his feed:

It looks like Jack Gilinsky has been hacked by a serial hacker named "chikri".

Chikri has been known to have hacked multiple people in the past, including social media star Matt Ox.

At the time, Chikri bragged that he "just ruined a 13 yr old buys future". He seems to be trying to do the same to Gilinsky.

Mass Appeal asked Chikri why he chooses to hack stars, and he responded "i was sittin like a nerd in my room then i opened youtube and saw his music video and i wanted to get a lil clout so i decided to hack everythin he has." He also told the site that he earned $2000 from stealing the songs from Ox and reposting them as his own.

Chikri often tries to extort money out of the people whom he hacks, although it's not clear if he will do that to Gilinsky.

Who is Chikri Amsih?

Although Chikri posts pictures of an attractive woman on his Twitter and other profiles, he is actually a young man, who gained popularity for hacking Kylie Jenner and others. He also appears to have hacked DJ Khaled, and Brittny Gastineau.

He goes by the full name Chikri Amsih and appears to be from Sweden.

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