Who is David Doptis? Facebook, Twitter, Business, Pictures, Restaurant Liquidation Auctions

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A news story went viral in the past 24 hours about a man named David Doptis. Doptis is a business owner in Pontiac, Michigan, who has season tickets to the Detroit Lions.

He allegedly uploaded a video to Facebook in which he calls a black woman the n-word for sitting during the national anthem. So who is he?

David Doptis: Who

Doptis is a male in his mid thirties. He appears to live in a house in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, which is estimated to be worth over $500,000.

Here is the video of him:

David Doptis: Business

David Doptis is the owner of a business in Pontiac Michigan called Restaurant Liquidation Auctions. Here is the description from the now-defunct website:

Welcome and thank you for choosing Restaurant Liquidation Auctions! We have developed this online auction company to better serve you and provide QUALITY commercial restaurant equipment to the small business owners of Michigan. We are a family ran business who value long lasting partnerships in this growing industry. We truly care about our customers and have found that this is the important difference between us and other companies in our field.

We take pride in our auctions and are sure to properly test each and every piece of equipment we list for sale. We understand that there is nothing more upsetting then to have a purchased item arrive home not working or missing parts. We are sure to provide the most detail possible and will work with you to provide available inspection days for each auction.

Restaurant Liquidations and Auctions is exactly what we do! We SPECIALIZE in Restaurant Equipment Liquidations and Online Equipment Auctions. We strive for maximum return on your assets and can guarantee you a minimum price for any consignment. No matter if you need to be out of your restaurant tomorrow or are still in business, Restaurant Liquidation Auctions can manage any project at any given time and require little assistance from our consumers.

We turn your assets into cash fast! Restaurant Liquidation Auction's hold the new standards for online auction companies. We promise to give you the fastest return for your assets, fulfill and exceed all expectations.

Restaurant Liquidation Auctions, LLC

The website for the business has been around since 2013, although the business may have been around slightly longer. The business contact information can be found at the Yelp link below.

David Doptis: Facebook, Twitter

After David Doptis's video went viral, he scrubbed social media. So his Facebook and other social sites are now blank.

He also removed his Linkedin and the business Facebook. However, you can still see the Restaurant Liquidation Auctions business on Yelp and the BBB site.

The company has an A+ according to the BBB, which you can see here. The BBB file was opened in 2014. The Yelp page is here.

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