WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Has Been Fired From The Company

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Enzo Amore was always a controversial individual, but now his life has turned upside down even more and not in a good way. The professional wrestler has now been released (fired) from the WWE today following sexual assault/rape allegations.

WWE has now announced that it has "come to terms on the release of Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore)." The company already suspended him on Monday so today they must have received more evidence on the issue and decided to fire him entirely.

A woman claimed Enzo Amore raped her back in October 2017. The police are currently investigating the issue so more details won't be made until they release it to the public.

That said, WWE has zero tolerance towards "sexual harassment or sexual assault" matters so there was no option than to immediately fire Enzo Amore.

Amore will now have to be stripped of the WWE Cruiserweight title so a new champion can be crowned.

WWE has had to distant itself from a lot of wrestlers that they used to employ. Hulk Hogan was fired a few years ago after a sex tape leaked him saying the "N" word in a derogatory manner multiple times.

The worst case was Chris Benoit who murdered himself and his family back in 2007. Ever since that horrible crime, WWE has tried their best to erase Benoit from history pretending that he never worked for them whatsoever.

Even if Enzo Amore is not guilty of the rape allegations, I find it hard for WWE to rehire him. People within the company didn't really like his cocky attitude and loud mouth backstage.

Anyway, expect WWE to make a new match for the Royal Rumble this Sunday because Enzo will not be able to come back to wrestle Cedric Alexander. A new cruiserweight match will take its place on the card.

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