Ronda Rousey Reveals The Name Of Her New WWE Finisher

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Ronda Rousey revealed her WWE finishing move on Raw this week and many people thought it was a normal 'Samoan Drop'.

Now the former UFC fighter has revealed the actual name of the move and it's something she has done in the past.

Ronda Rousey confirmed on Twitter that her finishing move is called the 'Standing reverse kata guruma'. This is actually a move she used to do back when she did Judo. 

As you may know already, Rousey debuted the finisher on Raw when she performed it on Stephanie McMahon.

This is likely to be the move she will use for the rest of her flourishing WWE career which just started a few weeks ago.

Speaking of Rousey and Stephanie, it has been confirmed that the two will be competing at WrestleMania 34. The official contest will be Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in a mixed tag-team match. 

It's worth mentioning WWE does not do intergender matches anymore, so females can only fight females and males fight males in the mixed tag-team match rules.

That said, this match is sure to get a lot of time and promotion heading into WrestleMania 34 on April 8th.

Since Rousey is a full time WWE employee, she will more than likely get added to WWE 2K19 later this year. Let's hope her 'Standing reverse kata guruma' finishing moves gets added to the video game as well. 

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was originally going to be Rousey's partner, but WWE was unable to get him.

This is because movie studios are too scared for him to wrestle now after he suffered an injury wrestling at WrestleMania 29 back in 2013.

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