The Pros And Cons Of Brock Lesnar Leaving WWE For UFC

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It's no secret that Brock Lesnar's current contract with the WWE is expiring later this year and that he's interested in fighting in the UFC once again.

With that being said, there are both pros and cons to him leaving the professional wrestling industry behind.

There's no doubt Brock Lesnar is a polarizing figure among wrestling fans. Some people love the legitimacy he puts towards the industry, while others hate the fact that he only works on a part-time work schedule.

No matter what your opinion of Lesnar is, his absence will change the landscape of WWE for the rest of the year if he chooses to leave. Let's rundown the pros and cons.

Pro - Focus On New Stars: For the past few years or so, WWE has been focusing too much time on older stars.

Seriously, last year's WrestleMania 33 Universal Title match featured a 50 year old Goldberg defending his title against the then 40 year old Brock Lesnar.

Since Lesnar won the title off of Goldberg last April, he's pretty much beaten fresher faces that could have held the title like Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe just to name a few.

If Lesnar is gone, WWE could finally concentrate on pushing the main roster talent it already has.

Con - No More Special Attraction Stars: It goes without saying that a lot of casual WWE fans no longer watch the product like they did back in the Attitude Era.

WWE Raw and even WCW Nitro managed to attract collectively well over 10 million viewers every Monday night back in the late '90s.

Now with WCW gone, the ratings for WWE Raw have been decreasing a lot ever since as Raw only attracts just over 3 million viewers each week these days.

Brock Lesnar is one of the few badass wrestlers from the past that casual fans still like watching.

If Lesnar leaves, there's not really any other old star that can replace his superstar status. The Rock and Batista are busy in Hollywood while lots of other stars are too old and retired to come back.

Pro - Universal Title Will Feel Important Again: 2017 has been a strange year because for the majority of the time, the Raw TV show did not have a fighting Universal Champion for most of the time.

Ever since Goldberg and Lesnar got the title, the champion had only appeared on Raw on a part-time basis. For several months and weeks, the show had to focus on other things outside of the Universal Title.

If Lesnar is to leave later this year, WWE can make the title feel more important again because guys like Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins and even Roman Reigns work each and every week.

House show attendance could increase too with a champion that actually visits every city.

Con - Paul Heyman Might Leave: If Brock Lesnar leaves, there's also a slight chance Paul Heyman could leave with him as well.

Sure Heyman could stay in the WWE and manage someone else, but the only reason Heyman came back in the first place was to help out Lesnar.

Paul Heyman is good at promos and if he leaves, there won't be a good replacement for him to hype up big title matches.

Heyman did a good job last year hyping up Lesnar's opponents last year like Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe making them feel more important.

Pro - WWE Saves Money: Even though Brock Lesnar works on a part-time basis, he's still the most expensive person on the main wrestling roster earning more money than even John Cena.

If Lesnar goes, WWE could have more money to pay its existing talent, or even go back to using more pyro at PPV events and more.

They could also use the money to pay for some more new WWE Network shows as well.

Con - PPV Interest Might Decrease (a little bit): Whether you like him or not, Lesnar is still a big Box Office draw.

Putting him on PPV in the WWE helps the business out because Lesnar is more famous than the other full-time wrestlers outside of maybe John Cena.

Bottom Line: That said, I feel WWE can still survive even if Brock Lesnar leaves the company later this year. The company now has a new mainstream media star since Ronda Rousey has just joined the full-time roster.

Not to mention Lesnar could always come back to the WWE if he finds UFC fighting to be boring again.

After all, Lesnar is turning 41 years old later this year so he won't be fighting for too much longer at that age.

Anyway, I feel it could be a good thing if Lesnar leaves since it gives more room for other wrestlers to shine.

I still seriously think Braun Strowman deserves a run at the Universal Title this year than anyone else does.

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