Wrestling: Colt Cabana Is Now Suing CM Punk Over Legal Fees

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Professional wrestlers Colt Cabana and CM Punk were friends when they teamed up to win a defamation lawsuit brought up by WWE doctor Chris Amann.

The jury found the latter did not have sufficient evidence that their podcast ruined his working relationship with WWE.

Well things are still not a fairy tale ending because a new lawsuit has been issued by Colt Cabana.

As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, Colt Cabana is now suing CM Punk because the latter isn't promising to cover 100% of the legal fees they had to pay for the previous lawsuit.

According to Cabana, CM Punk confirmed in a text message that he will cover 100% of the legal fees they had to pay fighting the Chris Amann lawsuit. The total amount of fees they have to pay is $513,736.

Instead of promising to pay the over $500,000, CM Punk is now asking Colt Cabana to pay half of the fees.

In other words, Colt Cabana has to somehow pay $256,868. The report also says that "Cabana is asking for $200,000 in general damages, along with $1 million in punitive and exemplary damages".

Colt Cabana is an independent wrestler and does not make as much money as CM Punk so these fees would be a financial burden.

CM Punk has more money after fighting in the UFC twice and made lots of money when he previously worked in the WWE.

It's very unfortunate that these best friends are now enemies and potentially can go head-to-head in court with one another. Fans cannot really do much but hope the two can settle their differences eventually.

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