Who Was Robert Guillaume? Net Worth, Bio, And More...

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It was announced today that Robert Guillaume has tragically passed away. Guillaume was most famous for his work on the TV show Benson; however, he was on several other shows as well, spanning multiple decades.

So who was Robert Guillaume? What his net worth at death?

Robert Guillaume Bio

Robert Guillaume has been acting either on TV or on Broadway since the 1950s.

He got his start doing musicals and opers, as well as comedy shows on stage. He spent many years perfecting his craft before he moved into the realm of Broadway and then TV.

Guillaume starred in some of the most notable musicals in history, including Phantom of the Opera, and Guys and Dolls. He was nominated for or received multiple awards over his time in the theater, including one Tony nomination.

After many years, Guillaume started moving into TV. He originally did some bit roles before getting major roles on Soap, and then as the titular character on Benson. On Benson, Guillaume starred as the main character for almost 160 episodes over 7 seasons.

After the run of Benson, Guillaume went on to play minor roles on TV shows over the next several decades. At one point, he even had his own talk show.

Robert Guillaume was married multiple times, and he had one son who passed away at a young age.

Robert Guillaume Net Worth

Robert Guillaume was a major star during his time, but according to The Squander, he didn't earn as much as his contemporaries.

The site estimates that he was worth less than $3 million at death, while other sites put that figure slightly higher, at up to $5 million.

Nevertheless, that is a much smaller number than today's top sitcom stars, who earn as much as $1 million per episode.

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