Who is James Toback? His Bio, and Net Worth

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James Toback is in the news today, as over 70 women have accused him of sexual harassment.

The LA Times had a major story today on how Toback "prowled" the streets of New York looking for women to harass.

In the story, the LA Times found 38 different women (more came out later) who said that Toback would drop names of people he had worked with in order to get women to sleep with him.

The story also said that Toback harassed women whom he hired.

Toback said that the allegations were false.

So who is James Toback? What is his net worth?

James Toback Bio

James Toback got into the film industry after being a magazine writer and reporter. He has long bragged about his sexual conquests, and claims to have slept with multiple women at a time. He has been married three times.

Toback got into the Hollywood scene by writing screenplays in his free time.

He eventually got his screenplays made into movies, and started winning awards for his writing. His best known work is probably Bugsy, although he is also known for such films as Black and White, and Two Girls and a Guy.

Toback's biggest claim to fame was working with Robert Downey Jr. and Alec Baldwin. He allegedly dropped those names in order to pick up women.

In total, Toback wrote or directed about a dozen different films, and he acted in several of the films he directed.

James Toback Net Worth

There is no consensus on James Toback's net worth. Several websites estimate that he is worth $10 million; however, that number seems slightly high.

In a recent film, he was shown seeking $25 million for a film, but could only muster $5 million.

Some of the other films that Toback made include Harvard Man, which had a $5.5 million budget but only made a few thousand at the box office, and Two Girls and a Guy, which had a budget of only $1 million, and made about $2 million at the box office.

For an inexperienced producer, Toback would have been expected to make only about 2% of the film cost.

Later in his career, he may have made up to 5-10% at most. That would put his earnings from his most recent films significantly under $1 million.

Given the number of films that Toback has made and the budget sizes, the $10 million figure appears inaccurate. We would estimate that Toback's net worth is much closer to the $2-5 million range.

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