Craig Mack dies at 46: What was his net worth?

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Bad Boy Entertainment rapper Craig Mack died overnight, at the age of 46.  Mack had been well known for his work with Notorious BIG.

Mack began his career in New York City, where he was performing in clubs, when P. Diddy came across him.

Diddy saw Mack rapping, and asked him to do some freestyle. He managed to impress Diddy, and immediately got a deal.

Mack had a promising career, and became more and more successful, but he was overshadowed by Biggie Smalls, who appeared on the scene at that time, and immediately became a megastar.

Over the years, Mack produced two major records.  The first one did well; but the second one was a flop.  Mack later produced another record in the 2000s, but it was also not successful.

Surprisingly, Mack resurfaced a few years ago when he joined what seemed to be a cult in Canada.

Mack did a video for the cult, on which he rapped and talked about how evil New York is, before essentially disappearing again.

More recently, Mack became ill, with an unknown disease, and had been thinking he was about to die.  He eventually died of heart failure yesterday.  Many of his former colleagues have left messages for him, offering their condolences.

So what was Mack worth when he died.  There are differing reports, on Mack's net worth, but he seems to have made relatively little in his career, and his net worth is estimated at $100,000 or less.

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