Who is Gord Downie of Tragically Hip: Bio, Net Worth, and More

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Canadian megastar Gord Downie died last night after he spent a long time fighting brain cancer.

He may not have been that well known in the U.S., but in Canada, he was one of the most celebrated and beloved singers of his generation.

He and his band Tragically Hip were known by everyone and will be remembered for a long time.

But for those of us who aren't Canadian: who is Gord Downie?

Gord Downie Bio, Wiki

Gord Downie was very young when he started dabbling in music. He and his friends started making music together in high school, and they eventually started the band Tragically Hip.

They had a few gigs at clubs and bars, and they got discovered playing one of those gigs. They played for many years before Gord decided to leave the band and focus on his solo career.

In total, Tragically Hip did over a dozen albums, although some didn't include Gord Downie.

The first album was released by MCA in 1989 and reached #9 on the Canadian charts. The rest topped at #1 on the Canadian charts, but didn't make the charts in the US.

Gord also did 7 albums on his own, including multiple top singles.

Some of the other things Gord was known for were his work on environmental issues and education. He also had appeared in TV shows and films in Canada.

Gord Downie Net Worth

Gord Downie's assets included a $2.5 million home, which he recently sold. Different sources report different numbers for Gord's net worth; however, they all fall in the same range. According to reports, Gord Downie's net worth is between $5-10 million.

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