Is Pamela Anderson Hooking Up with Wikileaks' Julian Assange?

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This is interesting:

You remember all of those times Pamela Anderson has shown up on the door of the Ecuadorian Embassy lately to meet Julian Assange? Well looks like there may be something more there than just a common political cause.

According to Yahoo, there's something going on between Assange and Anderson, and it's gotten kind of serious. Anderson recently appeared on an Australian radio show, and when asked about whether she has kissed Assange, she coyly said this:

"Oh, God," she giggled. "It was never the intention to become romantic, it was just to join forces to do something important."

"It naturally happens," Jackie O said.

"Things happen, for sure," Anderson teased.

That certainly sounds like an admission of something... Assange, meanwhile, has commented about Anderson as well: "She's an attractive person with an attractive personality. She's no idiot at all! Psychologically she's very savvy."

Well, that explains why Anderson has shown up at the embassy in London nearly a half-dozen times -- sometimes just to bring him "lunch." But there's more: according to Page Six, people have been noticing, and one observer said, "she seems to be wearing sexier outfits every time she visits."

Of course, many media outlets immediately rushed to link the couple with Russia, noting that Anderson has gone to Russia for her animal protection work, and met with people in the Putin administration.

While Anderson may be putting a smile on his face, Assange has a lot to be concerned about. After the weekend's Ecuadorian elections, the two men who will enter the runoff both intend to crack down on him and Wikileaks.

The conservative, Guillermo Lasso, intends to immediately boot Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy if he wins.

The liberal, Lenin Moreno, doesn't intend to kick Assange out yet -- but he warns that if Assange continues to publish secrets, he may reconsider.

Could Assange become Mr. Anderson #4? Tweet us.

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