Many Scenes Were Cut In The 'Venom' Movie Explains Tom Hardy

Venom is out later this week and it's kind of a short movie for a comic book film as it only clocks in at around 112 minutes in total.

Star Tom Hardy has now revealed that a lot of other scenes from the movie had to be cut.

It's not unusual to see a movie get cut in order for it to be screened worldwide, however it's interesting to note what Tom Hardy said about the deleted scenes.

You can read his comments posted below via an interview with ComicsExplained.

"They’re scenes that aren’t in this movie. There are, like, 30, 40 minutes worth of scenes that aren’t in this movie. All of them. Like mad puppeteering scenes, dark comedy scenes, they just never made it."

It's unknown why Sony had to delete several scenes that Tom Hardy liked. A possible reason is because the movie is rated PG-13 so they weren't allowed to keep any scenes that pushed the movie to an R rated rating.

While the movie had lots of scenes cut, it's reported that the film still has two post credits scenes for you to look out for.

I'm not sure what the post-credits scenes are about yet, but will explain it to you once I see the movie for myself later this week.

Venom will be released in North America on October 5th, 2018. The movie stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom who is being advertised as an anti-hero just like his comic book counterpart.

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