'Supergirl' Recap:'The Last Children of Krypton,' Season 2 Episode 2

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The CW's "Supergirl" continues to look into the mysterious man who fell to earth. Supergirl will face a formidable foe in "The Last Children of Krypton," the second episode of the second season

Clark blames Hank when Supergirl gets seriously injured in a fight with a villain who's powered by kryptonite stolen from the DEO. Kara is starting her new job as a reporter but her new boss, Snapper Carr.

Superman and Supergirl continue to work together to save the city from putting out a fire to stopping robbery crime fighting has Hank is still upset about having Superman around. Corben has been modified by Cadmus with Kryptonite in order to stop the Krytonians. The man from the ship has been absorbing the energy from the building in order to heal himself on a cellular level. Alex is less than pleased when Kara tells her that Clark will be joining them on Sister night.

Cat introduces her to her new boss, Snapper Carr. He's not as excited as she is. Clark only comes to sister night in order to tell Kara that he's going back to Metropolis.

Before he can leave they see a report about a jumper on the bridge. It turns out to be Corben who is now going by Metallo. Supergirl is hit dead on before Superman is able to throw Metallo from the bridge. Back at the DEO, Clark is not happy. He and Hank get very close to getting into a fight.

A video airs from Cadmus declaring war on the Kryptonians. Hank tasks Winn with creating a new anti-kryptonite suit.

Back at work Kara learns that Carr has not recognized her as a worker. She runs to Cat, who tells her she's not going to fix it. Cat reveals that she's leaving CatCo.

Cadmus begins to build another like Corben with an unwilling participant. Hank and Superman fly out to his icy fortress where they come to the understanding that neither of them trust each other. Corben is made out of the strongest metal known to man.

Kara tells Alex about all the unrest in her life so far. She wants to move to Metropolis but Alex is not about that.

Clark calls with a location for Metallo. It's a trap to allow the other Kryptonite guy can wreck havoc on Metropolis.

They arrive too late. Alex is taking out her frustration on Winn, who reminds her what family really means. The two of them track the mole by following the trail of kryptonite radiation. Alex sets him up to prove he's the guy.

Kara arrives at the DEO looking for her sister. Winn tells her about the plan and good thing because Cadmus has gotten the jump on Alex. The head lady offers her a spot on their team. Of course, she rejects.

Kara comes up with a plan to pretend that Cadmus got what they wanted, a divided team. However, they'll have the Winn's new anti-kryptonite protectors and backup on their side.

Just as it seems like the bad guys have gotten the upper hand Martian Manhunter and Alex arrive to help. The teams are able to defeat the cyborgs. But it seems that it just what Cadmus wanted.

Supergirl goes to say goodbye to Cat. James is moving into Cat's empty chair while she's away. He offers to speak with Carr but Kara's ready to earn her place as a reporter.

Hank gifts Superman with all the kryptonite they have. Clark says his goodbyes to Kara and everyone at the DEO. She makes a promise never to leave the new guy alone when he wakes and grabs her by the throat.

"The Last Children of Krypton" was a cool second episode of "Supergirl." This tag team of Superman and Supergirl is very pleasing. Hopefully we'll see more of it later on Monday nights. Rewatch the episode here.

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