Supergirl Season 2 Episode 18 Recap/Review: Kara Becomes An Ace Reporter

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Supergirl the TV series is back after taking a long one month break.

The last time we left off was seeing Queen Rhea (Tei Hatcher) seeking revenge on Kara/Supergirl for stealing away Mon El.

Well, Queen Rhea's plan has not come into fruition yet as a new danger comes into the fray in episode 18 of Season 2.

This week's episode is called "Ace Reporter" and it's about Kara trying to put her investigative reporting skills to the test.

As you may know already, Kara got fired from CatCo and has been unemployed for the last couple of episodes. She's so bored that even the D.E.O has no work for her.

Lena Luthor then decides to invite Kara to a conference. The conference is being set up by Lena's ex boyfriend named Jack Spheer.

He and his company have developed a new piece of nanobot technology called BioMax that is able to cure human diseases. The conference goes well, although things aren't all rosy when it comes to the technology.

Kara finds out that no human trials have occurred from the technology as told via a pair of whistleblowers. Before she can extract any more information from them, both men are killed by the nanobots.

Someone must not want people to find out about the company. Luckily Kara survives as she is Supergirl after all. She even had to save her old boss Snapper Carr from danger.

Jack Spheer invites Lena Luthor to dinner, although Kara feels she may be in danger. She invites Mon El to make it a double date.

Mon El does something useful for once and steals Jack's security card. Mon El and Kara go to Jack's computer and find out that no human trials were ever made. Jack himself is the nanobot machine killer!

Kara delivers the vital info to Snapper Carr as she wants to put the truth out there. She also warns Lena Luthor about Jack being a bad guy.

Lena wants to talk to Jack first to make sure everything is okay. She still has feelings for him.

As Lena sees Jack, Jack denies killing anybody. Lena sees in his eyes that he is actually telling the truth (kind of).

We then find out that his CFO named Beth is the real bad person.

She has been controlling Jack this whole time. She wanted BioMax to be a success as she invested a lot of money into the project and the company.

Luckily, Supergirl arrives to save Lena from danger. However, Jack is losing control of himself and his nanobots start to trap Supergirl. Lena has to shut down the nanobots to save Supergirl.

It's a tough choice, but she shuts down the nanobots. Due to this, Jack dies. Poor Lena had to kill her ex-boyfriend to save Supergirl in an emotional and powerful scene. Beth gets knocked out by Lena.

We then learn that Beth has been arrested and the truth behind the company has been published by Catco. Due to her great investigative work, Snapper Carr gives her old job back.

Hooray, Kara is no longer unemployed. The episode then ends with Queen Rhea (in disguise) meeting Lena Luthor. She has a proposal for her.

Anyway, I thought this was a very strong episode of Supergirl this week. It's great to see the bond between Lena Luthor and Kara getting stronger.

Not to mention Kara looked pretty strong and smart by investigating the dodgy company. It was also great to see that this episode didn't have too many redundant romantic subplots. Alex and Maggie took a backseat for once.

It was also interesting to see that the D.E.O had nothing to do in this entire episode.

The only side story this week was James Olsen and Winn taking Lyra out for their missions. James doesn't like Lyra interfering at first, but he warms to her in the end.

Overall, I liked this episode since Kara was smart and there was some decent Supergirl action. The previous few episodes involved too much relationship problems/drama.

The next few episodes could be even better now that Queen Rhea is going to plot her revenge. There is only a few more episodes left until the Season 2 finale hits this May!

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