Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19 Review And Recap: Alex Gets Kidnapped

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Supergirl Season 2 episode 19 was a very good episode that tested the abilities of Supergirl's skills other than that of her punching skills.

The main theme of this episode was really good as it highlights how superheroes might be received if they existed in the real world. Not every opportunity should allow them to punch their way to victory all of the time.

Anyway this episode starts with Maggie in the middle of a hostage situation.

She is trying to negotiate with the robbers to let go of the hostages. However, Supergirl just flies in unannounced and saves the day by punching the bad guys and arresting them herself.

This annoys Maggie because she was negotiating with the robbers for 17 hours.

Not to mention Maggie feels that talking is the best solution for some situations. Not every crime should be solved by taking action hastily as enemies usually have more plans up their sleeve.

Supergirl and Maggie's ideologies come into play in this episode once Alex is kidnapped by a mystery man.

This mystery man knows Kara is Supergirl and he promises to kill Alex in 36 hours. The only way that Alex can survive is if they let out a man called Peter Thompson out of prison.

Maggie, J'onn and Kara interrogate this Peter Thompson and they find out that he has a son. His son is named Rick and Supergirl flies to his house.

He has security cameras looking at Alex who is stuck in a cell. Sadly, J'onn cannot mind read anybody as his abilities have been blocked. They have to find Alex's location the old fashioned way.

Rick is then caught, but time is still ticking away. We learn that Rick wants his father out of prison because his father was nice to him when his mother left him.

Rick knows Kara is Supergirl because he went to the same school. He remembered seeing a young girl surviving a vehicle explosion at the beach.

Alex is no slouch and manages to use a tracking device so that Winn can pinpoint her location.

Maggie wants to negotiate more with Rick, but Supergirl rushes in. The IP address was a trap and they only have four hours to save Alex before the water drowns her in her cell.

Maggie is annoyed that Supergirl acted too hastily so now there is no way to save Alex.

Rick is not even tricked when J'onn used his shape-shifting abilities to pose as his father Peter. After an argument with Kara/Supergirl, Maggie decides to break Peter Thompson out of prison.

Maggie is about to break him out, but Supergirl arrives. Supergirl now understands that negotiation is important, but she prevents Maggie from letting out Peter Thompson.

She convinces Peter to tell them where Alex is or else his son will lead a bad life in prison for the rest of his life. Peter tells them the real location of where Alex is.

At the nick of time, Supergirl breaks the cell and Alex is free from her watery grave. Kara apologizes to Maggie and vice versa.

J'onn gets the last laugh as he gets to mind wipe Rick. This is to ensure he forgets the identity of Supergirl and everyone at the D.E.O.

The side story involved Queen Rhea asking for the help of Lena Luthor to build some futuristic portal.

It seems as if Rhea has managed to convince Luthor to get her project built. This will come into play in the episodes to come.

Anyway, I thought this week's episode of Supergirl is one of the best out of season 2. Rick reminds me a lot of The Joker and how he played mind games with Batman in The Dark Knight.

I also liked the main theme of violence not always being the key to victory. The episode also made Maggie to be a crucial character of the series.

The side story of Rhea teaming up with Luthor didn't get in the way either. The main story was exciting and suspenseful.

I would even say that Rick may have been the best villain in all of Season 2. He wasn't your typical average bad guy that gets beaten easily. This episode also didn't have any boring/redundant romantic storylines.

The only thing I have to call out is Mon El. In these past two episodes, Mon El has been a complete afterthought.

Mon El is not my favorite character, but they haven't made him feel useful lately. The only reason he's still relevant is because Queen Rhea wants him back. He might play a bigger part in the episodes to come.

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