Who is PraCh Ly: Rappers Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, More

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A new article from OK Magazine has readers buzzing, as it suggests that famous film star Angelina Jolie is dating Cambodian rapper Prach Ly.

According to the article, Prach Ly met Angelina Jolie through a human rights activist, who was involved with her recent Netflix movie, First They Killed My Father.

The article quotes a source who says that "their connection is becoming stronger by the day".

Additionally, OK magazine says that Prach Ly has become close with Angelina Jolie's children, and he has been in attendance at several events for Jolie.

Although the report from the magazine has not been confirmed, Prach Ly has recently become a rising star in the United States, with help from Jolie.

Who is Prach Ly?

Prach Ly is a child of Cambodian killing fields survivors, and he was born in a camp, where his mother was being held by the Khmer Rouge.

Much of Prach Ly's music is about his own life, and how he grew up seeing the horrors that occurred in Cambodia.

Prach Ly has spent his time between Cambodia and the United States, where he worked on his music in Long Beach California.

He didn't have any money or record contract when he got started, and he had to print his own CDs, and do the artwork himself.

According to Frontline, although he was unable to get any attention from the US music industry at first, he was able to somehow get attention from Phnom Penh radio in Cambodia, and his music quickly became popular.

He actually didn't even know for significant amount of time that he was a major star in Cambodia; however eventually, he was tracked down by a reporter, who told him that his music had hit the top of the charts there.

He spoke with AsiaSociety.org about his upbringing:

Honestly, I don't know what year or month I was born. All my parents remember is that I was born at night during monsoon season and that it was toward the end of the killing fields, months before the Khmer Rouge started to retreat back into the jungles.

My earliest memories were when we were at the refugee camps, but even that was a blur. My first real memory was on the plane -- on a flight to America. When the plane's door opened, I remembered seeing tears slowly flowing down my parents' eyes. I can still remember that moment as clear as today.

But things weren't particularly easy for Ly after he arrived in the United States. Here's what he said to the Huffington Post:

I never felt like I was educating people about it, I just wanted to tell my story. I never set out to lecture people about anything. All I'm doing is telling my story.

If you listen to my album, each song is like a 4 minute movie. I'm telling my story, and if you can relate to it, perfect. And if you can't, you know what...everyone has their own story.

Hip-hop was always around me as a kid. But when I started off, I wasn't rapping about The Killing Fields. I was rapping about guns and drugs, glorifying myself. I wasn't really on the right path. Before the first album, I got caught up into some gang activity in Long Beach. So I was sent to stay with my older brother.

When I stayed with my brother, he opened my eyes. I look at my brother like a role model. He's a strong figure to me. I've never seen him cry or anything like that. Before, he had never really talked much about it.

When I went to stay with him, the second week he just opened up to me. And he was telling me about the times he had tried to escape from the camp each night, and it was like a death sentence if you got caught leaving the camp. But he was so hungry, he had no choice. Either he could stay there and die, or go out and look for food.

PraCh Ly Wiki

These days, Prach Ly is best known in the United States for being closely related to Angelina Jolie. He recently has posted a significant amount regarding her new film, as well as promotions of her old material.

In addition, Prach Ly has been traveling all over the country, and he started to promote his music in the United States.

Ly is a major advocate for the victims and Cambodia, and he often recalls how his mother's traumatized by having to live in the imprisonment camps of the Khmer Rouge.

After leaving Cambodia, Ly ended up in the middle of a gang war in Long Beach. That conflict is the inspiration for much of his music. You can see him talking about that here:

PraCh Ly Height, Weight, Net Worth

Little is known regarding Prach Ly beyond the basics.

His height and weight are not currently available; however, he is currently working as the founder of the Cambodia Town Film Festival, and he lives in Long Beach, California. His estimated net worth is less than $100,000 according to The Squander.

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