Who is Patty Jenkins? Job, Facebook, Twitter, Net Worth, And More

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Today, Time Magazine created its short list for nominees for the 2017 time magazine person of the year. Many of the people are extremely well-known, such as Pres.

Donald Trump, Robert Muller, and the #MeToo Movement. However, there is one name that is not as familiar to most people. That name is Patty Jenkins.

So who is Patty Jenkins? Will she do? How much money has she made? What is her net worth?

Patty Jenkins Job and Net Worth

Patty Jenkins began her career after college, where she was tapped to direct a film called Monster. Monster followed in the footsteps of some of her favorite films, focusing on a prostitute and a serial killer.

Monster ended up being a relatively successful film, and it brought the producers and studio a significant amount of money.

Success with monster led to several other opportunities for Patty Jenkins. Jenkins got tapped to direct several films that either didn't end up being produced or somehow got canceled before she was asked to direct Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman had a budget of $150 million, according to The Squander, and managed to bring in over $800 million.

That resulted in a net worth for Jenkins of $15 million. Directors typically make 1%-5% of the budget of their films, depending on how sought after they are.

Jenkins has been nominated for multiple awards for Wonder Woman, and the star of the film, Gal Gadot, has also been nominated for awards.

Since Wonder Woman, Jenkins has been working on a number of other films, including the sequel to the Wonder Woman film.

Patty Jenkins Social Media

You can see Patty Jenkins' Twitter here.

Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman Facebook is here.

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