Lita And Famke Janssen No Longer Attending 2018 Auckland Armageddon Expo

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The 2018 Auckland Armageddon Expo was looking to be a great event, but sadly some last minute changes have occurred with several big stars unable to attend anymore.

It was already announced several weeks ago that Alan Tudyk can no longer attend the Auckland Armageddon Expo, but now even more stars have had to cancel their appearances. An official announcement from the Facebook page is posted below.

Over the weekend we have been hit with what we hope will be our last guest changes, with confirmation that changes in filming schedules have made FAMKE JANSSEN and ODETTE ANNABLE no longer able to attend the Auckland event. Additionally, AMY DUMAS cannot attend due to promotional requirements from her appearance at WWE RAW the weekend after the event (they require her for filming during the expo now) which just got changed. Amy will be sending us a short video shortly and should be joining us for Auckland in 2019. Yes, this is a unfortunate. Yes, we are not happy about it either. Yes, we have had a few changes this year and it sucks. But yes, if you look at the 2018 Auckland event line-up, it is STILL one of our biggest with some truly incredible guests. The event has grown significantly in recent years and we are aiming for a higher bar in what we do, but we are at the mercy of schedules and who can make the event. We are working on new guests, but as you can imagine, there are few direct replacements for some talent, and we have reached out to a LOT of agents to see what is possible.

This is really unfortunate because I really wanted to see Lita as I have never seen her before.

It's too bad that she is required on Raw in order to promote the Evolution PPV. Famke Janssen and Odette Annable hurt too since I wanted to seem both of them as well.

Some of the guests still coming to the event include the likes of Pearl Mackie, Mark Sheppard, Michael Shanks, Christina Ricci, Gregg Sulkin, Katie Leung and more. Hopefully no other guests pull out last minute!

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