Dave Bautista Has Not Been Invited To WWE's Smackdown 1000 Episode

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WWE Smackdown is holding its 1000th episode next month and a lot of previous wrestlers have been invited to come back to celebrate the big occasion.

One big wrestler from Smackdown was Dave Bautista, but sadly he has revealed that WWE has yet to invite him.

Dave Bautista wrestled under the name of 'Batista' several years ago in the WWE and was a huge part of the Smackdown brand from 2005 until 2010.

While John Cena was the big star on Raw, Batista was the main star WWE was pushing for its Smackdown brand.

A fan on Twitter asked Dave Bautista if he has been invited by WWE to attend the Smackdown 1000th episode special.

Bautista sadly responded by saying: "Surprise surprise!! I wasn’t invited! And it’s in my hometown.! 😳.. guess by now I shouldn’t be shocked anymore."

This is an odd snub mainly because Bautista is a huge mainstream movie star ever since he landed the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not to mention WWE has invited the likes of Undertaker and Edge to be a part of the 1000th episode already.

The only reason Bautista might have been snubbed is due to the comments he made about WWE in recent years.

Bautista has been very vocal recently about his lack of direction when he came back to the WWE in 2014.

Not to mention Bautista has been a vocal supporter of James Gunn who Disney fired due to some offensive tweets the director made nearly a decade ago.

It appears WWE is keeping its distance from Bautista from the time being and we should not see him back in the company anytime soon. Hopefully WWE buries the hatchet because they cannot deny fans from seeing Bautista forever.

The 1000th episode of Smackdown airs on October 16th, 2018 on the USA Network. The show will emanate from Washington DC.

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