WWE Should Not Be Booking Braun Strowman And Becky Lynch As Heels

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One of the most annoying things to watch about WWE these days is that the company fails to listen to its audience lately.

Despite fans booing and cheering certain wrestlers, WWE still refuses to listen to the feedback that is given to them on a weekly basis.

This all started over ten years ago when fans were booing then WWE Champion John Cena on a weekly basis.

No matter who was wrestling John Cena, the fans would still boo him every night despite his character being a babyface.

WWE never turned John Cena heel because the company was scared that little kids would get upset. Not to mention Cena was the biggest merchandise seller for the company so WWE did not want to lose all of the revenue.

Well the same thing is happening this year as WWE is refusing to listen to the fans and wants to book its own narrative.

Fans have been booing Roman Reigns for years now, but he continues to be pushed as an "underdog" babyface. Now the same thing is happening to Charlotte Flair over on Smackdown Live.

The most disappointing part of this narrative is that this has forced WWE to turn actual popular wrestlers into heels. The two wrestlers that fans actually like have now turned into heels and this experiment is not working!

For two years now, Becky Lynch has been crawling her way back to the title picture again and she finally got a title opportunity at SummerSlam 2018.

However, she did not become champion because Charlotte Flair took the top spot once again.

Over on Raw, WWE had been pushing Braun Strowman as one of the company's biggest babyfaces for the past year or so.

Now, WWE suddenly turns him heel this week to try and make Roman Reigns looks like the sympathetic babyface character.

It's kind of annoying that Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair are the babyfaces because there is nothing likable about their characters.

They are not the underdogs because they have been in several main events and have gotten World titles multiple times already.

Yet WWE wants fans to boo Becky Lynch even though she's only held the Women's title once in her career. As for poor Braun Strowman, he's never held a world title before yet we are forced to boo him.

WWE should to the right thing and reverse its booking.

Making Becky Lynch and Braun Strowman babyfaces is more believable as they are the actual underdogs in the storyline. Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair should be the heels because nobody likes both of them right now.

It will be interesting to see if WWE listens to the fans or not.

The company previously turned Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart into a babyface and heel respectively based on fan feedback.

However, the bad news is that this was done back in 1997! The 2018 version of WWE no longer listens to the fans and it's getting very annoying and frustrating to watch!

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