Hugh Hefner Passes Away at 91; What Was His Net Worth?

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Hugh Hefner, founder of the famous Playboy Magazine, has died at the age of 91. He went from being a young man from a relatively poor Midwestern family, to one of the richest people in the U.S. by starting his own magazine.

Growing up in the mid 1920s, Hefner finished his schooling and began working at Esquire magainze. However, he became angry when he didn't get a promotion, and decided to leave and start his own magazine.

Hugh Hefner Net Worth

According to E!, he begged for $8000 from his friends and family, and that's how he started Playboy.

He was lucky enough to get Marilyn Monroe for his first cover, and he managed to sell a whopping 50,000 issues. Eventually, he managed to grow the business to selling over 7 million copies, although from there it declined.

Hefner did really well from the magazine, and at one point, while the Playboy company was public, he was worth over $200 million.

However, the company didn't remain as popular, and his fortune fell in value. Eventually, he took Playboy private again, and in 2016, it was up for sale at $500 million.

At the end of his life, according to The Squander, Hugh Hefner's net worth was around $50 million, mostly in stocks and bonds. That money will go to his family, mostly, but it will also likely go to another person...

Who is that other person? Holly Madison, a former girlfriend of Hefner's was at one point placed in Hefner's will -- to the tune of $3 million.

Holly Madison Net Worth

Holly Madison became famous for having moved into the Playboy mansion after being noticed by Hefner.

She got to be a star on The Girls Next Door, which featured her and Hef's other women, and she then went on to other ventures. She appeared in Burlesque shows and on Dancinc with the Stars.

According to Madison, she was placed in Hefner's will for $3 million. The Squander estimates her net worth at $8 million if that amount is included.

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