The Roots 'Game of Thrones' Rap Recap is Just What You Need if You Missed the Premiere

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On Sunday April 24, Game of Thrones returned in a pretty uneventful way.

The premiere was more about setting up what is to come in the rest of the season.

If you happened to have missed it, The Roots performed a rap recap on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that is exactly what you need.

"I saw it, it was great," Tonight Show boss Jimmy Fallon said when reading a viewer's question about missing the Game of Thrones premiere, according to Complex.

"Tariq, ever the generous supplier of quick Thrones recaps, quickly obliged. 'It opens on Jon Snow who died at the end of Season 5,' Tariq rapped before diving into some assumed spoilers."

Tariq really captured the essence of the season premiere with ease as The Roots rocked out. Of course the biggest shocked in the episode was centered on the real identity of The Red Woman.

Tariq rapped that when she took her choker off she was old as a mother. You can watch The Roots entire Game of Thrones Rap Recap in the video below.

Watch The Roots Game of Thrones Rap Recap

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