'The Flash' Recap: 'The Runaway Dinosaur' Season 2 Episode 21, Where is Barry?

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Last week CWTV's The Flash had us all wondering where the heck Barry went.

In "The Runaway Dinosaur,' episode 21 of season two, fans will finally have a little clarity on Barry's situation as the team tries to take on a familiar enemy.

Girder returns and with the team thinking the worst may have happened to Barry, it is up to them to find a way to stop him. Iris during the difficult elects herself as the lure for Girder since he is following the same pattern he was in his first attack.

S.T.A.R. labs is in turmoil as they try to figure out what really happened to Barry.

Barry is alive, however, he has been transported to another part of the universe and must fight his way back to his friends.

Cisco and Wells will attempt to use Cisco's power as a way to bring Barry back to them.

Does Barry make it back or will he be trapped without any way of getting back to Joe, Iris, Cisco, Caitlyn, Wells, Wally, Jesse and his dad?

The episode kicks off as the team begins to realize that Barry is gone. Wells says he is so sorry but Cisco doesn't want to believe that he is gone. He checks for a signal but can't find one. Wells tries to radio Jesse and Wally but no one answers.

Wells and Joe rush to to their side when they find both on the ground. Wally wakes up but it takes Jesse a little longer before she wakes up.

Joe is glad that Wally is okay but sad that Barry is gone.

Iris tells Wally that Barry is gone. Joe returns to Cisco and Henry and asks Henry to follow him to attend to Jesse. Cisco touches what remains of the Flash suit and sees Barry with particles surrounding him.

He says that he sees Barry and that he is alive. Meanwhile, Barry wakes up in his old room and walks up to a desk with dinosaur figures and a paper that reads The Runaway Dinosaur.

There is caution tape when he gets down stairs and Joe is there analyzing the scene. Barry calls out for Joe who says it is good to see him, however, he is not Joe.

He asks Barry how he feels being back there and he says he feels awful.

Joe says "we thought you would feel more comfortable talking to familiar people in a place you knew." Barry wants to know who we are and Joe tells him to sit as he asks him about the speed force.

Joe tells him that he is actually talking to the speed force. Barry is concerned and the speed force tells him it's okay if he needs a minute.

Barry said this is all trippy and says they need to send him back because his friends and family are in danger from Zoom.

The speed force says he can't go back until he catches the speedster racing around the street.

Henry and the rest of the team are trying to find out where Barry is. Wells says he is in the speed force and he doesn't know how to get him out. Joe tries to convince Henry to help Jesse while Wells looks for a way to bring Barry back.

He promises Henry he will find Barry. Henry tells the team Jesse should be waking up, however, she just isn't. Iris said the same thing happened with Barry.

Henry wants to get the records from taking care of Barry as a way to try and bring Jesse back.

Iris and Cisco go to the morgue to find the records and they hear something moving around. The door comes crashing down and there stands Girder, back from the dead.

Girder look disoriented Iris is trying to appeal to him. He becomes incredible angry when he sees his reflection and uses his metal form to break out of S.T.A.R. Labs.

In the speed force, Barry comes across Iris who tells him to sit because he is always on his feet. She asks him if he remembers the place they first kissed.

The speed force says they thought he would be more upset. Barry says the whole world is in danger and they are keeping him there.

The speed force says he was given a gift and rejected it. Barry says he gave up the powers to protect someone. He asks why the power was given to him and the speed force tells him it is because he is the Flash.

Iris and Cisco report the breakout and Wells says history repeats itself. He says first there is tragedy then there is farce. Joe appeals to Wells to help them take out Girder and find Barry.

Wells tells Cisco to give Henry the medical records and meet him in the breach room. Iris and Joe are going to head out to try and find Girder before he kills someone.

Elsewhere, Girder sets his sites on a Hummer and rips the doors off so that he can gain access.

Back at the lab, Wells is hooking Cisco up to the breach to try and let Cisco guide Barry back from the speed force. Cisco vibes and Wells has a lock on the location.

Barry asks the speed force why he has to catch the thing before he can go back. He says he will do whatever they want if they let him go back to help his friends.

Cisco begins calling out to Barry asking him to turn around. The speed force says his friends want him to come back but if he does it will be without his powers. Cisco urges Barry to take his hand but he doesn't.

Instead, he runs after the target that he needs to catch in order to gain his powers. Iris and Henry stop the connection as Cisco tells them that he saw Barry and he lost him.

Iris, Joe and Henry are tracking Girder trying to figure out why the only place he entered was Jitters. Henry says he thinks Girder is looking for his old girlfriend. Iris says she doesn't think he has a girlfriend the way he was hitting on her.

Iris says he was trying to find her. The next stop would be the house. However, Iris volunteers to lure Girder back to the lab so that Cisco and Wells can kill him.

Barry is out of breath and meets the speed force in the form of Henry. The speed force tells him he has all the time in the universe.

Barry asks the speed force if they have any idea how many lives he has saved and what he has sacrificed.

The speed force agrees and says that Barry is the only one standing in the way of that. It tells him that after all of his sacrifices he has never been there at his mother's grave.

Joe checks on Wally to make sure that there aren't any effects after the particle accelerator explosion. Joe drops a cup to see if Wally reacts, however he doesn't. Outside they hear Girder getting closer and Joe tells Wally to go upstairs.

Iris asks her dad if he really thinks that Wally is a meta-human. She then makes her way outside and gets Girder to follow her. Joe tells her that he will be right behind her.

The speed force wants to know if Barry is finally accepting that he lost his mother. Barry says he had a chance to save his mom and the speed force saw what he chose. The speed force wants to know if he is at peace.

Barry says he was never at peace. Speed force wants to know if Barry's mother would have wanted him to die for her. Barry says he doesn't want to listen anymore and that he needs to get home.

Iris and Joe make their way back to the lab and Cisco tells them to that he disassembled the accelerator so that they could turn Girders switch off.

Cisco turns the switch on when Girder enters however, it didn't work and they have to high-tail it out of there.

The entire team is held up in the breach room and they say that they need to get Barry back because the door won't hold.

Barry is trying to find a way to catch the speedster but ends up back at his house where he sees the speed force in the form of his mother. She tells him he is just so tired and he needs to sit.

Barry says the speed force was right all along because he never accepted his mother's death, he says he doesn't think he ever will.

The speed force tells him he has to find a way because he became is something wonderful.

She says the Flash can't outrun the tragedies that the world is sending his way. Speed force says Barry has to find a way.

Speed force tells him that his mother says she is proud of the man he has become.

Barry asks who is telling the speed force that is it just the force or his mother. The speed force tells him it is both.

Girder is trying to break the door of the breach room down. Iris says she will lead Girder away but Joe refuses to let her go.

Cisco says he saw Barry because he had a look and wonders if they couldn't get him out because he didn't want to leave.

The speed force is still in the form of Barry's mother who is reading him the book The Runaway Dinosaur.

Barry recites the entire book and realizes that his mother will always love her. Speed force says he is ready and Barry catches his inner speedster. He is now in his Flash suit and ready to come home.

Cisco asks them to try to get Barry back and Henry volunteers to help, however, Iris says she wants to do it.

Together, she and Cisco prepare themselves as Wells switches the breach on. Barry can hear Iris call out to him and when she extends her arm, he looks back at the speed force who says, "run Barry, run."

Barry takes Iris' hand and she pulls him back. Everyone is ridiculously happy to see Barry back. However, that is short-lived when Cisco tells him about Girder coming back to life.

Girder finally breaks through and Barry and Iris team up to lure Girder to Wells and Cisco who are trying to find a way to stop Girder.

Barry is knocked down but gets back up and tries to appeal to Tony. He asks him to end it so that he can finally rest.

Barry begins racing in a circle using spin to charge the magnets. The magnets go on and Girder falls to the floor. Barry tells his team sorry because he got lost. Iris says it's okay because they found him.

Wells is tending to Jesse when Barry walks in. Wells says Barry should be resting not there. Barry says he thinks he should be there and uses his power to bring Jesse back to them.

Henry asks Barry how he did that and he says it's hard to explain. He tells them that it's the speed force. Later on Henry checks Barry's vitals and says it seems to be one thing after another.

Barry says he never really understood what his dad was coming from with his faith and everything happening for a reason. Barry says everything that happened to them good or bad makes them who they are and he wouldn't change any of it.

Henry tells Barry that he is stuck with him and he won't be leaving this time.

Barry brings Iris to his mom's gravesite. He tells her that Joe offered to take him many times but he always made excuses. He brought The Runaway Dinosaur book to the grave and Iris says they never had anyone that was just right for them.

Barry says he is seeing things much differently now.

Barry says he doesn't know what it is between them or where it goes from there, however, Iris is everything to him and the sound of her voice will always bring her home.

Zoom is trying to reach Caitlyn to find out if she is with him or against him. Zoom says he is going to go outside and talk to his friends. He says if she is there then he will know she is with him.

He says if she is gone he will know she chose his friends and that he will show her the mercy he shows them. Zoom addresses his meta-human friends.

He says that it is there world for the taking and the meta-humans begin chanting "ours." Zoom has an army of his own.

"The Runaway Dinosaur" put fans of CWTV's The Flash to ease a bit with the realization that Barry is in fact alive. The team is having it's struggles and with Zoom wreaking havoc there is no telling how this season will end.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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