'Catfish' MTV: 'McKenna & Brandon' Recap Karrueche Tran Guest Investigator

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In this episode of MTV's "Catfish" Brandon Powers needs help from Nev Schulman to see if he is being catfished by McKenna Smith, a girl he met online. This episode is extra special with a celebrity guest investigator Karrueche Tran.

Karrueche Tran (Twitter) is a model, actress and social media personality. Tran (Instagram) also happens to be the ex-girlfriend of R&B singer Chris Brown and has a huge social media following.

Tran revealed that to this day there are people who use her picture in scenarios similar to those that occur on "Catfish." In episode four of season five, she will be aiding Schulman on the investigation of Brandon (Facebook), an 18-year-old male construction worker from Kalama, Washington.

Brandon is in love with McKenna, a girl that he met on Kik.

All of McKenna's secrets are spilling tonight at 9/8c.

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Brandon feels that there is something really special about McKenna and that he really wants to build a relationship with her. He feels that McKenna is perfect and beautiful in every aspect.

Brandon is in love with McKenna but there are some instances where he is a bit skeptical. He says that McKenna can't video chat and that her parents are really strict.

Brandon reveals that McKenna lives about 10 minutes away which is strange. Brandon explained that McKenna moved to Florida and was using an iPod before. He says that her parents are super strict and that might be the only thing is off about the relationship.

He wants to pay for her to come back to Washington and move back in with him. They agree to help Brandon out and after a call they head out to Washington to meet with Brandon.

Schulman and Tran talk about Brandon's past relationships and whether or not they know about McKenna. They are aware of McKenna and they said that he has had his heart broken in the past. They head inside to talk about McKenna but they start off with past relationships.

He says that his ex admitted to dating his friends and it sent him into a deep depression. He lost 60lbs but when McKenna came around things started looking up.

He calls McKenna his angel because it's like she saved him.

He divulges all of the information he has on McKenna including her Kik username and they head out to do some digging. During the search they don't find anything in the photo search and realized that the number was connected to a landline.

They Google a phrase they believe to be Spanish and find a Maria Perez from Spain.

They first reveal to Brandon that the girl he sees in the photos happens to be a random girl from Spain who is in a relationship. Right away Brandon is crushed and Schulman asks him what he wants to do now. Brandon says this is not a deal breaker and he still wants to find out who she is. As always Schulman tried to contact Kenna with the number from Brandon.

He gets the voicemail and leaves a message for her. Brandon invites Schulman and Tran to a BBQ that he and his family are having.

Schulman sits down with some of Brandon's friends and they tell him that Brandon constantly gets his heart broken.

Brandon tells Tran that it's a bummer that McKenna isn't the girl from the photo. Tran says she has been in a situation where she was crushed and she had to learn to put herself first.

He says after what happened with his ex it's all flooding back to him again.

Brandon's friends want everything to work out for him.

Tran tells Brandon that she is nervous to find out what's going on but Brandon says he is still in love with the person even if it's not the girl in the pictures.

When Tran and Schulman begin digging around for more information on McKenna, they find a Twitter page that shares the KennaLovesPink username as her deleted Kik account. Things get a lot crazier as they scroll through the feed and find a photo of Brandon.

They think that the girl in the photo knows the girl who might be stalking Brandon.

When they visit Brandon again, they show him the Twitter feed with the same photo and he smiles with a little joy. However, that joy soon turns to a bit of fear when he sees the photo of him that happens to be a screenshot from Snapchat. The photo features him and his ex-girlfriend and he says that the photo was never posted on social media. Schulman says whoever he is talking to is part of his community more than he realizes. They decide to keep scrolling and when they read the tweets about Harry Styles, Brandon might have an inkling of who the girl might be.

He says there is a girl named Kharece that is obsessed with Harry Styles and had a huge crush on him. He is not interested in the girl that is obsessed with him.

He says she likes to drive by his house sometimes. Brandon starts freaking out and no one knows what to do next.

Brandon says that the girl is a compulsive liar and likes to do things like this. He says it's so stupid and tells the guys that Nikki, a girl who was at the BBQ is actually friends with his stalker.

When Tran asks him if there was ever anything going on he admits there was some friends with benefits thing going on.

Schulman joins them and he is shocked when he finds out that Brandon was hooking up with the girl.

Schulman decides to have them figure it all out by having Brandon send Kharece a text to see if she would come over to help him in the investigation.

She replies and says that she will be over soon. Brandon is actually really pissed off now and he gets nervous when he sees a truck pulling up. When Kharece comes over she admits to everything and explains that she made a random Kik account and started texting him via the texting app.

She didn't think it would go this far and Brandon says she could have texted her as herself. He says that she was nothing like the one she was talking to.

She asks if he didn't fall in love with Kharece and he says yes but it's actually her.

Kharece explains all of the reasons why she loves Brandon and points out the fact that he is so compassionate. Brandon says he is sorry that it came down to that but she brought it upon herself.

Kharece doesn't want to show any emotion and Schulman wants to know what happens next. Brandon says he just wants to think and Kharece leaves.

The cutest Catfish: The TV Show co-host (Karrueche Tran) is on tonight at 9/8c on MTV!

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In the morning Schulman and Tran call Kharece to find out how she is feeling and what she is up to. They want to talk to her without Brandon and Kharece reveals that Nikki is over. Both Nikki and Kharece's other friend Erica admitted to knowing what she was doing.

Kharece says that Brandon told her that he doesn't like her it's only around his friends.

Kharece says it makes her feel like crap and she continues to pursue him because she doesn't want to give up on something that could potentially great. They agree to head over to Brandon's house and back her up.

Kharece and Nikki ride with Tran and Schulman and Kharece says she is nervous about saying the wrong thing. They arrive at Brandon's house and she knocks on the door. Brandon invites them in and Schulman tells Brandon that they had something but it was never clear what it was. Brandon says he thought that it was pretty clear from what his friends said to her.

Kharece says it was hard for her to believe it because it didn't come from him. Schulman and Tran tell Brandon that he could have been misleading but he makes it clear that he is not into Kharece.

Kharece says that there are correlations between her and McKenna. They both apologize to each other and Kharece says she still wants to see him and hang out as friends. They decide to stay friends.

A couple months later Brandon Skypes with Tran and Schulman and says communication has been bare between him and Kharece. When they call Kharece she says that she wakes up in the middle of the night crying.

She thinks Brandon misses her more than she lets on but she says it might be because she wants him to miss her.

The shocks continue to light up MTV's "Catfish." For Tran's episode the team encountered mystery, a little fear and a whole lot of drama.

At some point you have to ask yourself, when are people going to stop getting catfished? You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

Who else is excited for Karrueche Tran to join us Thursday night?

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