'Catfish' MTV: 'Leuh & Justin' Recap A Sneaky Catfish Exposed

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Things continue to head up on MTV's "Catfish" for season five. Leuh Terrigino is looking to Max Joseph and Nev Schulman to help her find out if she is being catfished by Justin, a guy she met on social media.

In episode three of season five, Joseph and Schulman open up an email from Leuh (Facebook) a 19-year-old female from Rochester, NY, who is worried that she might be getting Catfished by Justin, (Facebook) a 24-year-old guy from Huntington Beach, CA that she met on Instagram. The two started talking after Justin commented on one of her photos and she direct messaged him on Instagram.

It's been two and a half years since they started talking but they still have not seen each other face to face.

After chatting with Leuh, the guys decided that they will make their way to Rochester in hopes to help her with her Catfish problem.

The guys travel out to Rochester to meet up with Leuh (Instagram) who is already waiting for them on her porch. Leuh welcomes the guys in and they sit down to talk about her dilemma with Justin (Twitter). Schulman notices that Leuh actually has tattoos and he asks her if she got them because of Justin. She says that he does have a lot of tattoos and that she wanted to be like his type.

Schulman makes as face as if to say that might not be good as he jumps into the story of how they met through Instagram DM. She gave Justin her number and told him to text him sometime and says that they have spoken to each other on the phone as well.

She actually went out to Huntington Beach, CA to meet with Justin but he blew her off yet she is still considering schools in the area so that she could be closer to him.

What are we up against on tonight's episode?

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Leuh (Twitter) says that she likes to keep her Facebook page down to close friends and family so she didn't add Justin to it, so, she was strictly Instagram. Joseph asked her if she knew any of Justin's friends and she told them about his best friend named, Todd. Lueh is confident that Justin is legit but her family and friends believe she is making a big mistake.

She chooses to believe otherwise.

She presents them with his Instagram account but when they look at it, Leuh notices that she is blocked. She is confused as to why she would be blocked because he just texted her a heart emoji.

Schulman asks Leuh if something happened and she said no. She also said that she did no tell him that the Catfish crew was coming to make the show but that she did tell him she sent Catfish an email.

Joseph believes that Justin could have started following either him or Schulman on social media and found out that they were on their way to Rochester.

So, the guys just ask Leuh for all of the information she has on Justin so that they can get down to work. Joseph realizes that Leuh doesn't realize that Justin can be a total fake.

Will the truth set Leuh free on Wednesday's episode?

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The guys find a nice spot to begin the digging on Justin to see if they can stop Leuh from making any more bad decisions because of Justin. They open the email with all of the information on Justin and they search his phone number.

They find a Rita with the same last name as Justin and she is a female in her mid 50s.

The guys are excited and they think the phone might be registered to Justin's mom. They take down the address then move into his Instagram account that is private but looks normal.

The guys start searching Instagram for any photos that Justin might be tagged in and they come across one. They find a couple of them and so far everything seems to check out. They search for Justin on Facebook and find his page which says he is single.

The age checks out and everything seems absolutely normal and points to him being real.

Joseph and Schulman believes that the reasons that Justin is keeping Leuh away from him is probably pretty bad.

However, when they find an updated profile picture, they are taken back by someone else named Jamie who Justin has been flirting with.

The guys think that Justin is a serial internet man-slut. They also find his friend Todd. The guys have to start investigating why Justin would be avoiding her so they send Todd and Jamie a message. They suspect that Justin might be a big time player.

The next day, Nev receives a voicemail from Todd. He calls Todd back and Todd is surprised when he hears the name Leuh.

Todd says he's known Justin for a while and he has never heard of Leuh. The guys aren't sure if Justin is serious about her.

Then, the guys get a message from Jamie who seems pretty surprised as well. They let her know what exactly is going on and she gives them a similar story as Leuh.

Jamie is curious as to why he is on Catfish and seems to be in love with him as well.

When they tells Jamie that there is another girl in the picture Jamie is very disappointed. Jamie was heartbroken after finding out that Justin is an internet player.

The guys arrive at Leuh's house where they meet her mom and her friend Amanda. Leuh says they are the two closest people to her and they understand everything that has happened between Leuh and Justin. Amanda says she feels like Justin is hiding something and her mother just wants an answer so they can move on. They sit down with Leuh and go over all of the dirt they found. It all seemed to go well until she hears that Todd doesn't know her.

Leuh says that it was "shady" and thought Justin would at least tell his friends. Then, it gets worst when they mention Jamie.

Leuh sees the flirting and is already bothered. When she hears that Jamie had the same story she is immediately heartbroken. She says she feels stupid and becomes pretty emotional.

The crew takes a break as Leuh realizes that she has been played. She says she gave him so many chances to be honest with her. Joseph says that Justin takes up a lot of space in her life but no one in Justin's life knew who she was.

They guys decide to call Justin to give him a chance to explain everything to her.

The guys give Justin a call and explain the situation and he says that he's not gonna meet her and he's not going to do the show because it's not in his best interest.

He repeats that it's not going to happen multiple times.

The guys say that Justin is playing games and Schulman says he is past the point of understanding and they want to go meet him. They meet with Leuh and they convince her to go out to California and meet Justin face to face. Leuh says she has never stood up for herself like this but she needs answers.

They leave New York in the morning and you can tell that Leuh is nervous. Leuh is down to make the surprise visit to someone who has actively said no for the first time.

The guys come up to a very big house and Schulman decides that he will try to get Justin to come out. Leuh says if he does come out she would thank him for finally meeting up. Schulman goes in and a Joe answers the door.

Joe says that Justin is not there and Schulman explains the situation.

Joe asks if Leuh is there and asks to meet. Joe is a much older looking man and when Leuh sees him coming both she and Joseph begin to worry.

Joe comes up to the car and it's actually Justin's dad. He just wanted to meet with Leuh and the first meeting goes well. Joe says he is going to have to slap Justin around because he never told him about her.

Joe says that he will tell Justin that she stopped by. Dodged a big bullet there.

They decide to have Leuh text him and see if he is going to get back to her. He has a chance to come up for air but if he doesn't want to meet, they get the message.

The next day the guys meet Leuh and she has not received an update. Joseph says that it's a very cowardly move from Justin because he isn't manning up when Leuh wants the answers.

They decide to call Todd and see if he could help and Todd says he just left Justin surfing.

Todd says he should still be down there and the crew hops in to the SUV to make their way to the beach.

Leuh reveals that when she was younger she didn't think of herself as attractive and Justin definitely helped her feel better about herself.

They see someone who may look like Justin and they get ready to pounce. They make their way over to Justin who embraces Leuh with a hug. Justin seems pretty laid back but he is overwhelmed. Justin says he has a lot of explaining to do and he says he didn't want to do the show.

Leuh says she tried to give him a fair chance. Justin admits that he was in a relationship when Leuh came out there the last time.

He didn't want to go behind the back of the girl he was dating at the time. Schulman does tell Justin that what he did was messed up.

Justin says when Leuh was in Vegas, his car wouldn't make it. Justin says that he is single and he didn't want to meet up because he was nervous. He says that he is a really private person. Leuh says it was his last chance to meet her and he asks if he ruined all hope for them.

When they bring up Jamie Justin says that he and Jamie has always been friends. The guys were getting on Justin because his parents or friends had no idea about Leuh.

That being said, Justin says there are real feelings but Joseph doesn't believe Justin.

Joseph tells Justin that Leuh is sort of a push over and that he has the girl that he has feelings for in front of him. He asks Justin what he has to say to her.

Justin says he wants to talk to Leuh alone without the crew. Justin and Leuh take a walk and they both didn't expect it to be like that. Justin joked about a wedding to lighten things up. Joseph says that Justin needs to back up what he is saying. Justin apologizes for everything and says that the Catfish thing threw him for a loop.

Leuh says she can't hate him because they went through so much. Justin and Leuh seem to be hitting it off and he asks her what they should do now.

He wants to know if they should start an official long distance relationship but she says it would be stupid. He says that she was coming out there anyway but Leuh is skeptical.

Leuh meets with the guys and tells them that Justin is sweet talking her so she isn't sure if it's real. Meanwhile, Justin apologizes to Schulman for giving the show the run around. Leuh says she wants things to work out pretty bad and asks Joseph if she might be being naive about it.

Schulman tells Justin that if he is going to break Leuh's heart, it would be better now.

Justin still wants to talk to Leuh alone and Leuh tells Joseph that she wants to give it a shot but Justin has a lot of making up to do. They leave the two lovebirds alone.

The guys call Leuh later on and she says that everything worked out really well with him. Leuh says that Justin hasn't asked if he is her boyfriend but she is moving out to California. The guys are fully supporting her on the journey.

They call Justin and he seems pretty excited that Leuh is moving out.

He promises he will be there for Leuh and send them an invitation to the wedding. He leaves them by telling them how appreciative he is for what they did.

This was definitely one of the most shocking episodes of MTV's "Catfish" for season five. That being said there should be plenty more where this came from as it's only the third episode on the season.

There are still more people out there who haven't learned from the mistakes of others.

You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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