Christian Bale Is Not Keen On Doing Another Superhero Movie

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Christian Bale is known to a lot of people to be Batman in Christopher Nolan's excellent Dark Knight trilogy.

Since Christian Bale retired the Batman cowl in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, it sounds like the actor has given up on doing more superhero movies in the foreseeable future.

Collider had a chance to interview Bale recently while he was promoting his new film The Promise. When the website asked him about doing a future superhero movie, he shot down the possibility of ever suiting up again.

He's not interested in doing anything with Marvel or any other superhero film. You can read his comments below.

No, I'm not interested in doing that. I've never seen -- I'm trying to think if that's correct, I think I'm actually correct, I can't remember a single superhero film that I've ever watched. Apart from the ones I made and like, the Christopher Reeve Superman films.

The man himself doesn't even watch superhero films apart from the original Superman movies and his own Dark Knight trilogy.

This means Bale must not have watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It would have been interesting to see his opinion on Ben Affleck's take on Batman.

It was rumored a few years ago that Warner Bros. was willing to pay Bale upwards of $60 million to be Batman once again.

This was before the movie studio decided to reboot Batman and cast Ben Affleck in the role.

Bale must have felt fatigued playing Batman as he declined the offer. Not to mention the Dark Knight trilogy ended conclusively and it would have been hypocritical if Batman wanted lurk out of the shadows once again.

In the entertainment industry, nothing is ever certain. Bale could always feature in a superhero movie if the right script comes his way.

He might even be interested in doing a cameo if the time is right. We'll just have to wait and see.

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