Is 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher' Finished After Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan's Split?

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Fans of Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan woke to some heartbreaking news yesterday, when the duo confirmed that they had ended their engagement. But what will this mean for their chart-topping music group 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher'?

In case you missed it, Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron both announced their split yesterday. Ryan announced: "Dove has decided this relationship isn't what she wants. We still love each other very much.

Please be sensitive, as this is painful." Dove then said: "Thank you for your support & full hearts in this very intense & human time. There's a lot love between Ryan & I. Life is beautiful & long."

The End of 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher'?

Although the two insist that they're still friends, things look really bad for 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher'.

Until recently, Dove's Twitter profile said "The Girl" and Ryan's profile said "The Dreamcatcher." But both of them have since scrubbed their profiles of 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher'.

The last time either of them mentioned the music group was a while ago, although 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher' Twitter account last posted this on September 29:

Only about a week ago, Justine Magazine did a profile on the group:

pick up a copy of @justinemagazine and you might see a friend or two

A photo posted by #TGATDC (@thegirlandthedreamcatcher) on

Nevertheless, it looks like the group is over, and Dove and Ryan will be going on to other things.

So What Happened?

According to E News a source said of Ryan: "None of [Dove's] close friends are very fond of him and their relationship as they felt he ...was using her for exposure." Until recently, Dove was a much bigger star than Ryan, so that may have made sense.

But it is also possible that that the two have been growing apart and spending a lot of time away from each other.

Ryan has been working closely with the beautiful Victoria Justice on their new show The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Dove has been working on a bunch of new projects including Descendants 2, Liv and Maddie: Cali Style (which Ryan doesn't appear to be in), and the upcoming 'Spider Man'.

The two have spoken in the past about the difficulty of having different projects that keep them from being together.

'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher': The Day the Music Died

We leave you with this. If it is the end of 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher', let's enjoy their last video together:

Photo credit: Instagram/Ryan McCartan

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