Has Dove Cameron's Breakup with Ryan McCartan been in the Works for a While?

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Dove Cameron, star of the hit Disney series, "Liv and Maddie" recently got out of a serious, long-term relationship with Ryan McCartan.

Just 6 months ago, Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron, were inseparable, even announcing their engagement. But why did this popular Disney couple break up? And was evidence that the breakup was coming evident in their respective social media presences all along?

The Breakup Between Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan - Was the Writing on the Wall of Their Instagrams?

Dove Cameron is a big fan of Instagram. With 8.5 million followers, Dove definitely keeps her fans coming back for more with pics of recent magazine covers, photos of her on the set of Descendants 2, and fan art.

But, one thing we noticed was the stark contrast between pics she'd posted about 3 months ago, which would be in July. That's around the time that Dove stopped posting photos like the one below:

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1 DAY #NegativesEP #JULY29

A photo posted by DOVE (@dovecameron) on

Or this one:

3 DAYS #NegativesEP

A photo posted by DOVE (@dovecameron) on

And instead, she began posting mostly photos like this one below:

A photo posted by ?DOVE? (@dovecameron) on

And while Dove Cameron promoted Ryan McCartan's role in the Rocky Horror Picture Show on August 31st on Twitter, as below, after this time period, we see a distinct shift towards her promotion of her projects alone, including Descendants 2 and "Live and Maddie: Cali Style."

Cue a similar pattern from Ryan McCartan's social media. About 12 weeks ago we see this:

The Breakup Between Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan - Was It Work?

Dove Cameron has been busy with her role in "Hairspray Live," while Ryan McCartan has had a busy filming schedule for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which interestingly, called upon him to be the love interest of none other than the lovely Nickelodeon star, Victoria Justice.

Sources reported that the two were working very hard on their respective careers and spending too much time apart. However, Ryan McCartan has also made it publicly clear that Dove instigated the breakup.

In addition, according to Eonline, sources reported that Dove felt used by Ryan McCartan.

Ryan McCartan has also recently announced that though his band with Dove Cameron, The Girl and the DreamCatcher, has now split up, Ryan will working on a solo career in music and will be releasing it later on at some point.

Whether or not these two get back together, they'll definitely go down in Disney history as one of the most adorable couples that the network ever saw!

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